TalkSport’s Jim White explodes at Simon Jordan in rant at ‘bias’ over Wembley fans shame

TalkSport’s Jim White explodes at Simon Jordan in rant at ‘bias’ over Wembley fans shame

The security breach at Wembley Stadium which saw fans without tickets get into the Euro 2020 final took police by surprise, Scotland Yard has said. Footage posted on social media showed people forcing their way through barriers and a line of security staff before rushing up the escalators ahead of Sunday’s final between England and Italy. In a fiery clash about the events, Mr White said on talkSPORT: “You’ve got to stop this campaign you’ve got about how the media are covering this up, Simon. You really should.”

Mr Jordan interjected: “It’s not a campaign, Jim. It’s a series of observations to give balance.”

The talkSPORT presenter continued: “Simon, sorry I’m going to interrupt you again.

“You want balance, we heard from an anonymous fan this morning who said we got in without tickets and this is how easy it was.

“You want balance? We spoke to the top government official this morning who at this stage is in meetings looking for someone to be accountable.”

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Mr White added: “We’re actually wasting valuable airtime. The fact of the matter is somebody has to be accountable for what happened.”

It comes as a Home Office minister expressed relief that nobody was killed after ticketless fans stormed Wembley for the Euro 2020 final.

Baroness Williams of Trafford told peers it was a “very good thing that nobody was more injured than they were” amid chaotic scenes ahead of England’s defeat to Italy.

She noted 19 police officers were injured, adding: “Thankfully no one died.”

Conservative former minister Lord Bellingham said: “There are obviously grave failings that go to the top of the Met and surely someone, including the (Met) Commissioner (Dame Cressida Dick), must take responsibility for these failings, apologise and explain how it’s going to be improved in future.”

Lady Williams repeated there are “lessons to be learned” but police “on the whole did incredibly well to manage” the event.

Liberal Democrat Lord Goddard of Stockport made comparisons with scenes of disorder ahead of Manchester United’s Premier League game with Liverpool at Old Trafford last season.

He said: “On the day that Manchester United’s football ground was invaded and broken into and a Premier League match was abandoned, that was fully on the internet and everyone knew what was going on and very little happened.”

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