TalkTalk down: Thousands unable to connect to home broadband in vast UK outage

TalkTalk down: Thousands unable to connect to home broadband in vast UK outage

Update: TalkTalk has confirmed that it has resolved the issues which prevent thousands of customers accessing the internet at home. Posting on its online dashboard, the company says: “We are pleased to confirm that the earlier problem has now been resolved and access has been restored, once again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The original article, published before the problem was resolved, follows below…

Tens of thousands of TalkTalk home broadband and fibre internet customers have been left unable to connect to their internet this morning. The vast UK outage has left people across the UK unable to work from home or keep in touch with friends and family for almost an hour – with no end in sight.

According to social media posts from customers, it appears TalkTalk routers still show a solid connection to the internet – despite the colossal outage nationwide. However, any devices connected to the TalkTalk router are unable to access the internet. Independent tracking website DownDetector, which monitors mentions across social media to track when web services and services are offline, a staggering 28,000 or so customers are currently experiencing an outage with TalkTalk broadband. That’s a lot of people unable to access smart home gadgets, make Google searches, send or receive WhatsApp messages, or answer Skype calls. 

According to the data gathered by DownDetector, the outage seems to have kicked-in around 10.15am this morning, Friday May 29, 2020. Thousands and thousands of people have complained about the problems with TalkTalk services, the latest DownDetector data shows. Leaping from 15,000 complaints – to 28,000 people in minutes.

In a statement about the issues, TalkTalk has confirmed: “We are aware of an issue affecting some customers’ access to websites and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Our teams are investigating the cause and we will keep customers updated as soon there is more information.”

For these thousands of customers, some of the most popular online services are no longer accessible – from Snapchat and Google Docs, to Netflix and Microsoft Teams. That’s a huge problems as millions of people stay home and use their home Wi-Fi connection to work, take classes and keep in touch with family and friends.

And that’s exactly what thousands of people are complaining about on social media sites, including Twitter. One customer tweeted: “Hi, Both myself and my mum are working from home and our internet has crashed. The router says it is connected but we can’t connect to our servers. Any assistance or information will be greatly appreciated.”

Internet/Wifi suddenly down. We’re two people who are vulnerable and self-isolating (one disabled) and need the internet for work and essential contact with the outside world,” another shared with the broadband firm, which has yet to reply.

When mapped out across the country based on the location of the complaint, DownDetector shows that most of the UK appears to be impacted.

However, the most affected areas are Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, Croydon, Derby, Liverpool, and Nottingham and Hackney. TalkTalk customers have taken to Twitter to complain to the official customer service account, which can be reached @TalkTalk.

How to check TalkTalk broadband service status

TalkTalk customers who want to find out about the latest update to the status of their broadband issues can head to and enter their postcode to find out whether there are any known issues in the area. TalkTalk also shares information about any fixes or significant changes on this dashboard.

Published at Fri, 29 May 2020 09:55:00 +0000