Ten firefighters ‘down’ following Los Angeles ‘explosion’

Ten firefighters ‘down’ following Los Angeles ‘explosion’

The Los Angeles Fire Department reportedly say that approximately 10 firefighters are “down”. They also reportedly declared the fire as a major emergency with 230 firefighters on the scene.


Local news networks are broadcasting live footage of the firefighters stood on the roofs of the buildings in Los Angeles.

Live footage from NBC Los Angeles shows the firefighters hosing the buildings from the roof.

A large number of fire engines have been placed in the streets surrounding the buildings.

The buildings on fire are located in the Toy District of Downtown Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Fire Department has announced on Twitter that Captain Scott will be giving a preliminary interview shortly.

NBC Los Angeles has reported that 10 firefighters were injured due to the multiple fires.

The fire was upgraded to a “major emergency” at around 9:36pm ET (2:36am BST) with an explosion reported on scene, according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

At about 10:00pm ET (3:00am BST), it was reported that more than 230 firefighters were responding to the fire.




According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, firefighters had moved to a defensive posture to target the fire.

Los Angeles Police Department vehicles were also visible at the scene.

It is unclear how many casualties there are, but most of the flames appeared to have been extinguished.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the 10 firefighters injured have all been accounted for and transported to local hospitals.

They added that law enforcement sources said at least two firefighters have suffered critical injuries.

Published at Sun, 17 May 2020 02:38:00 +0000