Tesla announces plans to release new affordable electric car priced at under £20,000

Tesla announces plans to release new affordable electric car priced at under £20,000

Tesla is working on a series of manufacturing improvements that could see it develop more adorable and sustainable batteries for their cars. The new technology could see Tesla put a new model on the market for just $25,000 dollars in a major industry steal.

This would produce energy at around £77 per kWh compared to anywhere between £115 to 150 per kWh in current vehicles.

This could smoke models batteries the same price as combustion engine parts which would drive down overall costs.

Tesla says its new design would offer up to five times the amount of energy and offer 16 percent more range than current batteries installed in their Model 3 and Model S cars.

The firm is also aiming to start its own in-house production instead of purchasing these from suppliers.

Ms Leyton said: “The announcement of the new, more affordable model from Tesla could be a game-changer for anyone who is on the fence about going electric.

“Tesla, famously at the cutting edge of technology, is a prestige brand that has typically been out of reach to a lot of car buyers.

“It will be interesting to see how this develops over the forecasted three years they say it will take to get it onto the road.

Driving technology is moving rapidly, with a host of new models being introduced and battery range improving all the time.

“But alongside making electric more affordable, significant investment still needs to be made in the charging infrastructure to make sure there are enough charging points to cope as range anxiety remains one of the biggest obstacles to drivers making the switch.”

Published at Thu, 24 Sep 2020 08:18:00 +0000