‘Thank you Leave voters!’ Brexit’s reality celebrated as Global Britain booms outside EU

‘Thank you Leave voters!’ Brexit’s reality celebrated as Global Britain booms outside EU

Proud Brits flocked to Twitter and hijacked the ‘Brexit reality’ hashtag normally used by Remainers to rant about leaving their cherished bloc. Instead it was flooded with messages espousing the positives of leaving Brussels’ clutches – after predictions by economic forecaster OECD said the UK will top the list for growth this year among the G7 countries.

Included in the club of developed countries are EU members France and Germany as well as America – the world’s biggest economy.

Despite the stiff competition it had Global Britain down to grow by a whopping 7.2 percent this year followed by an incredible 5.5 percent in 2022.

Celebrating the news, one Brexiteer tweeted: “The brilliant #BrexitReality Fastest growing economy in the G7

“Best at cost vaccine in the world with AZ [AstraZeneca]. My pension is up 28 percent this year!

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“Don’t blame Brexiteers because you can’t get a job or live in the EU.

“Just face facts, it’s because of your own inabilities. I do find you entertaining though.

“I actually laugh at your pathetic tweets. It cheers me up knowing how thick you are.”

Another wrote: “Imagine my hatred of the #BrexitReality when I opened a letter from Aviva to find my pension had gone up 19 percent in a year.”

Their comments came as economists said that the UK’s bounce back from coronavirus will be complete in less than five months.

After the pandemic led to a catastrophic plunge in GDP in 2020, the UK is set to be one of the fastest economies in the West to once again be firing on all cylinders.

Leading accountancy firm EY released a prediction of the bounce back last week.

In a report it said: “With the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions across the country, and the vaccine roll-out continuing to progress, the growth prospects of the UK economy have improved beyond previous predictions.

“The economy is now expected to return to its pre-pandemic peak by the end of 2021 – two quarters sooner than expected in April.”

The forecasters added: “Now that people are returning to working, shopping and socialising, the UK is well-placed to achieve a strong bounce-back in growth.

“With the economy shrinking so much compared to most other advanced economies, it means there’s more lost ground to make up.

“UK consumers are particularly big spenders on consumer services, which should magnify the economic boost from life returning to normal.”

Published at Sat, 07 Aug 2021 06:44:00 +0000