The Chase: Anne Hegerty shut down by contestant after brutal Bradley Walsh swipe

The Chase: Anne Hegerty shut down by contestant after brutal Bradley Walsh swipe

Anne, 62, also known as The Governess, was on hand to try and take down another four The Chase contestants who were all hoping to walk away with a grand cash prize. The quizmaster was on fighting form as she made jokes left, right and centre, even taking aim at host Bradley Walsh, 60. However, when the second player on the latest instalment of the ITV programme took to the stage, they were not going to let the general knowledge guru getaway with her smart quips.

After contestant John made it back for the Final Chase with £7,000 in the bank, it was time for Adrian to play for some big money.

The keen golfer managed to accumulate £4,000 before taking on the Chaser but Anne thought she would be clever by playing on his knowledge of the sport.

With Bradley in her sights, the quizmaster said: “If you want to know my handicap, you’re standing next to him.”

The host feigned that he wasn’t as clued on to what they were talking about as he told The Governess he “didn’t get” her swipe at him.

However, the contestant jumped to his defence as he shut down his opponent by replying: “That wasn’t very nice.”

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Jokes aside, Adrian opted to stay with his original total and went on to defeat Anne in the head-to-head round.

It was then time for Scarlett to try and come back with some money after she matched her predecessor’s efforts of £4,000.

Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to make it back for the Final Chase as The Governess’ knowledge was too great for her to overcome.

Last up was contestant Jo who was optimistic she was going to make it back alongside the boys to get her hands on some cash.

Unfortunately, with one second to spare, the quizmaster caught them up and managed to wipe away the money they’d built up.

Speaking of the result, Anne admitted they would have needed one more player to take them over the edge to have won.

Taking to Twitter, those watching at home also commented on the very close result, with one writing: “I was really hoping that would win…so close! #TheChase.”

Another added: “Unlucky team, but that’s why Anne is one of the best! #TheChase,” whilst a third posted: “One second left! They must have been so gutted after the filming was done. #TheChase.”

“That was a real shame…John deserved a share of that money for his great performance. #TheChase,” a fourth remarked.

A fifth shared: “Unbelievable @anne_hegerty as per usual #thechase,” with a sixth opining: “Corrr that was intense #TheChase.” (sic)

Speaking about her relationship with the Bradley, Anne has previously said: “What you see on screen is exactly what he’s really like.

“And right from the start, he’s been so generous to all of us Chasers. I’m always kind of in awe of Brad,” she told Yours publication.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

Published at Wed, 23 Sep 2020 08:51:00 +0000