The Division 2 update: Title 10 patch news and server maintenance schedule

The Division 2 update: Title 10 patch news and server maintenance schedule

The next Division 2 update has been scheduled for release this week across all platforms and will require servers to be taken offline for several hours. Ubisoft revealed its plans earlier today, confirming that they would be launching the Title 10 patch but would need time to implement the changes. The good news is that we know exactly how long The Division 2 servers will be down and what will be coming to the game with the new patch.


The Division 2 Title 10 update is scheduled to launch on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

According to Ubisoft, server downtime will begin at around 8:30am GMT, or just past midnight if you live in the United States.

The development team will take The Division 2 servers down for around four hours, meaning the game should be back online by midday in the UK.

A message from Ubisoft adds: “The servers will shut down for maintenance to implement Title Update 10 on Tuesday, June 16th at 09:30 CEST, 03:30 AM EDT, 12:30 AM PDT.

“Estimated downtime is approximately 4 hours. Patch Notes will follow later today.”

As mentioned above, Ubisoft has also released its extensive patch notes for the new Division 2 update for June. A huge number of changes are being included in this latest build, as well as new content for launch this month.

You can find highlights from The Division 2 patch notes below, courtesy of Ubisoft:

New Season – Keener’s Legacy

A new season is almost upon us! Starting on June 23rd, Keener’s Legacy offers 12 weeks of in-game activities and unique rewards. Season 2 brings a new Seasonal Manhunt, new Leagues, a new Global event and new unique rewards, as well as an Apparel Event.

New Manhunt tasking you to take on 5 rogue agents over a 12-week period starting June 23rd. Bring down all five to unlock the new Healing Trap skill variant.

  • New Global Event Hollywood
  • New Apparel Event Phoenix Down
  • New Leagues Termite, Luna, Huntsman and Titan.
  • New Rewards
  • 2 new Exotics
  • 1 new Gear Set
  • 2 new Named Weapons
  • 2 new Named Gear
  • 1 new Brand Set
  • Participating in the activities above will earn players Season experience contributing to their Season level.
  • Playing Conflict will contribute XP by gaining Conflict Levels beyond 30.
  • Playing in the Dark Zone will contribute XP by gaining DZ Levels beyond 30.

New Raid – Operation Iron Horse

  • The True Sons have taken over a Foundry to develop new weapons and threaten to destroy everything the Division has worked for.
  • New bosses, puzzles and rewards
  • Level 40 version available on June 30th, followed the next week by the level 30 version.
  • Discovery mode will become available at a later date.
  • Unique Rewards
  • 2 new Exotics
  • 2 new Gear Sets
  • New cosmetic rewards
  • Further details will become available closer to the raid’s release in late June.

Balance and Bug Fixes

Title Update 10 is bringing our first large balance pass following the release of Warlords of New York. Beyond the addition of new content, the update focuses on three main aspects mainly game health through bug fixes and balancing, generosity by increasing your chances to receive a high-quality item as loot and increasing overall player power. Scroll down for a full list of bug fixes, balancing changes and gameplay tweaks.

Missing Localised Audio

We wanted to inform you about an issue with localized audio that will be present when we launch Title Update 10 and Season 2. While the team was able to work from home to get this update ready, with your help testing the content on the PTS, we unfortunately were not able to record all localized audio content for TU10. With everything going on in the world, our top priority is the well-being of our teams, including our voice actors. Of course, we will start working on recording the missing audio with our partners when it is safe to do so and, in some cases, we were able to get things started already. Adding the localized files to the game as soon as we can in one of our next updates is an absolute priority for the team. This only affects Seasonal content. Operation Iron Horse audio is fully localized.

If you are currently playing with a non-English client, you don’t have to change anything going into Title Update 10. When localized audio is missing you will just hear the English audio instead. Subtitles have been localized and can be activated in the ingame options.

Published at Mon, 15 Jun 2020 16:57:00 +0000