The Walking Dead season 10 finale: Director finally shares return date details

The Walking Dead season 10 finale: Director finally shares return date details

AMC’s latest thrilling ride through the post-apocalypse set up a pivotal battle to come in the season finale of The Walking Dead. Although the episode’s release has been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak, a director for the series provided some crucial insight.

Filming for season ten of TWD wrapped up in November 2019, so it was a shock when AMC revealed the finale had been put on hold.

Despite the cast wrapping up their time working on the series for now, the network confirmed some major post-production work needed to be finished before the finale was fit for broadcast.

This includes key details such as editing, sound mixing and special effects, which were all incomplete before the COVID-19 pandemic put TV production around the globe on hiatus.

A post from AMC’s twitter page confirmed: “Current events have unfortunately made it impossible to complete post-production of The Walking Dead Season 10 finale, so the current season will end with its 15th episode on Sunday, April 5.”

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Reassuring fans, the post added: “The planned finale will appear as a special episode later in the year.”

Renowned director for the series Greg Nicotero recently confirmed some more behind-the-scenes details regarding the current status of the finale.

Known for his special effects work with original zombie maestro George A. Romero and directing some of the biggest episodes of TWD, Greg is the best person to ask for information about the release of the most popular undead franchise in recent years. 

Greg directed the upcoming season ten finale, A Certain Doom, and was luckily available to comment on the situation during a session with EW Live.

The director explained: “You have to edit the episode, then you do sound effects, and then you do music, and then visual effects, and then color timing to make sure all the colors in all the scenes match, and then you have to do a quality check to make sure nothing is messed up.”

With episode 15, The Tower, setting up a climactic battle between Beta (Ryan Hurst), the Whisperers and the remaining survivors, the season ten finale was undoubtedly a major technical undertaking.

Greg continued: “So there are all these steps that have to happen, and generally speaking, the way our production schedule works is those happen up to about three weeks before the episode airs.”

Despite on-set work on the last episode wrapping up in November, editing and special effects duties weren’t expected to be completed until around March 22.

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Given this deadline fell just before world leaders began enforcing lockdown practices, some key work on the finale was left incomplete.

Greg added: “So we just missed that window. It wasn’t that the effects were delayed or anything was delayed. It was just the delivery of the episode was set to be delivered at a specific date and we had to shut down before they hit that date.”

Thankfully, Greg Nicotero had some incredibly positive words for what is sure to be a thrilling season finale for the latest acclaimed season of The Walking Dead.

The director said: “It’s a really amazing episode. I love the way episode 15 ends where you see Beta bringing the herd to the tower where everybody is holed up. There’s a lot teed up, so to speak.”

Greg Nicotero is also known for his revival of Creepshow for horror streaming platform Shudder.

The first season is currently available, but the coronavirus has unfortunately impacted his work on season two in addition to post-production of The Walking Dead.

With the US beginning to ease lockdown restrictions, production on A Certain Doom is hoped to pick up again at some point this year, with AMC maintaining the episode will air in 2020.

The Walking Dead season 10 is hoped to conclude in 2020 on AMC.

Published at Wed, 06 May 2020 23:34:00 +0000