Theatre quiz questions and answers: 15 theatre questions for your home pub quiz

Theatre quiz questions and answers: 15 theatre questions for your home pub quiz

Theatre questions can sometimes be included in the literature, entertainment or even music rounds of a pub quiz. However, with such a long history, the theatre world certainly deserves its own round, which can include questions on plays, musicals and even Broadway. Here is a selection of 15 brilliant questions for you to include in your next quiz.

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The theatrical world spans across the globe, with various countries boasting their own theatre culture.

Of course, the best-known places to find theatre is in London and New York, where the West End and Broadway are based.

There is a wealth of theatre questions which can come from just these two places, let along the many theatres all over the UK and the rest of the world.

For now, here are 15 questions relating mainly to the UK theatre scene, with a few mentions of Broadway thrown in for good measure.


1) A theatrical superstition says it is unlucky to wish someone ‘good luck’ before they go on stage, so which phrase is used instead?

2) What is the name of the famous theatrical club founded in 1883 at the University of Cambridge, which boasts former members such as David Baddiel, Olivia Colman and John Cleese?

3) A reconstruction of which theatre opened in 1997, approximately 750 feet from the site of the original theatre which was demolished in 1644?

4) What was the name of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s theatre company, where Prince Edward worked as a production assistant in the 1980s?

5) Which musical does the song Big Spender come from?

6) On a stage, what name is given to the out of view areas on the sides of main performance area?

7) Which is the oldest West End theatre?

8) How many West End theatres are there?

9) What was the Criterion Theatre used for during World War II?

10) What was the Harold Pinter Theatre previously known as?

11) What sporting event does The Sheffield Crucible host every year?

12) Which show had the shortest run in West End history? (Bonus: How long was it on for?)

13) Which 1700s Shakespearean actor and enthusiast has a theatre named after him, at which Sir Kenneth Branagh’s theatre company performed a season of plays in 2015?

14) Phillip Schofield, Jason Donovan and Donny Osmond have all played the starring role in which stage musical?

15) In November 1952, which Agatha Christie murder-mystery play opened at the Ambassadors Theatre and is now the longest-running play in the UK?

8) 39

9) BBC Radio studio

10) Royal Comedy Theatre or Comedy Theatre

11) World Snooker Championship

12) The Intimate Revue (Bonus: It opened and closed on the same night, so one night)

13) David Garrick

14) Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

15) The Mousetrap

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