This Morning interview descends into chaos as fans blast ‘unprofessional’ Alison Hammond

This Morning interview descends into chaos as fans blast ‘unprofessional’ Alison Hammond

and presented magazine show as they usually do at the end of the week, but St Patrick’s Day meant there was more to celebrate than usual. The duo welcomed Kevin Woods to , who claims to be the world’s last leprechaun whisperer. During a discussion about what he does, Alison couldn’t contain her laughter or jokes, which had fans feeling sorry for Kevin and deeming the host “unprofessional”.

Kevin and Alison met a few years ago when she travelled to Ireland to meet him for This Morning.

He joined Friday’s show along with a leprechaun he had caught, which he had kept hidden in a bag.

Alison began to laugh and giggle from the start of the chat, but as she and Dermot asked questions, Kevin tried to reply seriously.

“You see them in the image you want to see them in,” he explained. “I see them as leprechauns, you may see them as angels or fairies.

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“If you’re uncomfortable with seeing leprechauns you’ll see the image you want to see them in, so if you want to see a child, a small leprechaun you’ll see them in that form.”

“Oh, I’ll probably see them in cake form,” Alison cackled before Kevin asked if the two would like to see the mythical creature he had caught.

“Can you put your arms around the table there in case he jumps out?” he requested, which had Alison bursting out with laughter once again.

“Oh, I’m so excited to see this,” she remarked. “I didn’t get to see this when I actually came to see you, why was I not allowed to see any?”

“Because I hadn’t caught any that day,” Kevin responded.

“Is he not going to suffocate? Can we get him out and get some air to him,” Alison demanded.

“He’s OK, don’t you worry,” Kevin assured her before the host asked how many leprechauns remained.

“I told you before, there’s 200 left,” Kevin stated, clearly becoming annoyed at having to repeat himself.

“Are we going to get to see this leprechaun or what?” She repeated, to which Kevin hit back: “Well I can’t answer questions and take the leprechaun at the same time.”

As Kevin lifted the bag to retrieve the creature, Alison commented: “Let him out! Oh, he’s really milking this. Oh Kevin, you are funny.”

“I’m not funny, I’m dead serious,” Kevin pointed out. After opening the bag to reveal no leprechaun was there, Kevin let slip a swear word on the daytime show, muttering: “Oh, the wee f***er,” which Alison later apologised for.

Not all viewers were amused by Alison’s remarks, though as Twitter user@ChantalMascoe wrote: “#ThisMorning Dermot and Alison laughing at him not with him poor sod.”

@Itt39354118 added: “Kevin’s gonna walk off in a minute he doesn’t like Alison laughing #thismorning.”

“Alison is being very unprofessional. This guy believes in what he’s saying (even if no one else does) #ThisMorning,” complained @debsuffolk.

Others did find the chaotic segment humorous though, with @loopylarner writing: “I’m not sure what I’ve just listened to but omg hilarious. I now believe in leprechauns, Alison your laughter is contagious – brilliant #ThisMorning.”

@russosullivan penned: “@AlisonHammond that leprechaun interview this morning was comedy gold… #StPatricksDay2023.”

@Peachypops182 shared: “This Morning with “the world’s last leprechaun whisperer” was bats***, and then he called his leprechaun “a wee f***er” on live tv to just redeem the segment.”

This Morning airs weekdays from 10am on ITV.

Published at Fri, 17 Mar 2023 11:36:00 +0000