Tom Jones quiz questions and answers

Tom Jones quiz questions and answers

8) What was the name of Sir Tom’s TV show which aired from 1969 to 1971?

9) From which town in Wales does Sir Tom hail?

10) Where did Sir Tom famously perform during the Millennium celebrations on New Year’s Eve 1999?

11) What is Tom Jones’ real name?

12) In which film is Sir Tom’s music the only saviour for the human race, as it makes aliens’ heads explode?

13) In what year did Sir Tom first become a judge on The Voice UK?

14) Sir Tom was a regular performer in Las Vegas, performing at least one week every year from 1967 until 2011 – but at which venue did he record his Live at Las Vegas album in 1968?

15) Sir Tom once said he had two regrets, both of which involved his run-ins with famous people – who were they? (A point for each person)

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