Tory Ministers should NOT be forced to face questions from Piers Morgan – ‘Take a hike!’

Tory Ministers should NOT be forced to face questions from Piers Morgan – ‘Take a hike!’

Piers has claimed the Government has now refused to provide a Minister for an interview for the past 21 days. Following the ITV host’s claim, asked, ‘Should Tory Ministers be forced to face questions from Piers Morgan?’ Despite Piers’ claim, 9,503 of the 11,355 who voted stated ministers should not be forced to face questions from the host.

A further 1,778 stated they should while just 74 were not sure.

Commenting on the poll, one user said: “Since when did we have trial by TV presenters?

“I hope all government ministers give Morgan and the likes of Burley a wide berth.

“Their job is to report, honestly, the news.


“It is not their job to intrude into the business of the public office or to create alarmist propaganda to undermine a governments authority. Morgan can go take a hike.”

Another said: “As Boris has ascertained, it is a waste of time because Morgan never lets them answer the questions – he just keeps plugging his point and never allows anyone to say anything against what he thinks.”

A third said: “No because Piers doesn’t interview, he interrogates and badgers people and isn’t interested in what they have to say.”

A fourth said: “Morgan doesn’t actually ‘interview’, he makes aggressive points then interrupts whichever poor devil is in the firing line the day before they can give an answer that he likes.

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However, the interviews received more than 2,000 complaints to TV regulator, Ofcom.

Despite the complaints, Ofcom said it would not investigate the matter.

In a statement, Ofcom said: “His guests were given adequate opportunity to put their points across and counter the presenter’s criticisms.

“In Ofcom’s view, in line with freedom of expression, it is clearly in the public interest that broadcasters are able to hold those making political decisions to account, particularly during a major national crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic.”

Away from the alleged lack of Government representation on the show, the UK has now reported over 35,341 deaths from COVID-19. 

According to the Department of Health Social Care, that is a rise of 545 people who tested positive for coronavirus in the past 24 hours.

The Government has also failed to meet its 100,000 daily testing target, as only 89,784 were carried out on Monday.

Differing from the Government’s statistics the Office for National Statistics claimed the number of deaths in the UK has risen to just under 55,000 until May 19.

The poll took place between 10am on Tuesday May 19 to 10pm.

Published at Tue, 19 May 2020 21:58:00 +0000