Travel plans ruined by disruptions? Expert reveals how to get your money back & get home

Travel plans ruined by disruptions? Expert reveals how to get your money back & get home

According to the CAA: “The EU law on flight compensation uses the term ‘extraordinary circumstances’ to refer to situations where delays or cancellations have been caused by things that are not the responsibility of the airline.

“If extraordinary circumstances apply, you are not entitled to compensation.”

So, what can passengers do to protect themselves against disruption in extraordinary circumstances?

As these situations can vary drastically, there is no one simple solution.

However, Mr Quee offers some insight for travellers currently faced with interrupted plans – whether at home or abroad – during the current pandemic.

“it’s important to note that the FCO advice is currently only applicable for any travel up to April 15th,” Mr Quee advises.

“Therefore, if you are not travelling until late May or after, don’t rush into making a decision about your holiday right now. Wait until your ‘go, no go date’, or in other words, the last day you can travel without incurring penalties from travel providers.

“At this time, you can check how the land lies and get a refund if needed.”

The best thing to do is check directly with your insurer, however, some experts warn not to cancel your journey ahead of time.

Though airlines are responsible for reimbursing passengers their money if the airline cancels their flight, unfortunately, if the traveller cancels the flight of their own accord this may incur a fee.

Consumer rights advocate Which? is advising passengers not to cancel any summer flights yet.

The consumer rights organisation says: “If you cancel your booking now, you’ll almost certainly have to pay cancellation fees.

Published at Fri, 03 Apr 2020 03:01:00 +0000