Trump claims Rudy Giuliani is ‘doing very well’ amid fears of further coronavirus spread

Trump claims Rudy Giuliani is ‘doing very well’ amid fears of further coronavirus spread

Mr Giuliani, the former Republican mayor of New York, has been leading Mr Trump’s legal efforts to challenge the result of the US presidential election last month. Mr Trump and his team insist the outcome – a loss for Mr Trump – was influenced by fraudulent voting.

Mr Giuliani, 76, was admitted to hospital on Sunday having tested positive for coronavirus.

Speaking to reporters earlier on Monday, Mr Trump gave an update as to Mr Giuliani’s condition.

The president said: “Rudy is doing well, I just spoke to him.

“He’s doing very well, no temperature, and he actually called me early this morning – it was the first call I got.

“That’s another champion, the greatest mayor in the history of New York. And what he’s doing now is more important.”

It follows assurances for Mr Giuliani himself that he was “recovering quickly” and “feeling good” in a Twitter post in the early hours of yesterday.

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In recent days, the key Trump supporter has been seen frequently in press conferences and meetings with officials in various places across the US.

In many cases Mr Giuliani appeared not to wear a face mask.

On Sunday, it emerged that the Arizona state legislature would be closing for this week due to concerns over Covid-19. Mr Giuliani had appeared there at the beginning of last week.

Meanwhile, Linda Vail, a Michigan health official for Ingham County, yesterday issued a directive calling for people who came into contact with Mr Giuliani at a hearing last week to go into quarantine, according to local media.

The health official said, according to MLive: “Unfortunately, Mayor Giuliani has been hospitalized with COVID-19. His hospitalization comes only days after being in a confined conference room in Lansing for several hours without a mask.”

They added the mandatory quarantine requires people who were without a mask at the hearing and those who were within six feet of Mr Giuliani to go into quarantine.

The former mayor had appeared in Lansing, Michigan, on December 2 to testify in a legislative hearing in which he urged state lawmakers to contest Mr Trump’s loss there.

In addition, Mr Giuliani’s son Andrew is known to have been diagnosed with Covid-19 last month, though he reportedly has a mild case.

Mr Giuliani’s case comes as the US continues to experience “staggering numbers of new cases”, according to virus expert Dr Anthony Fauci.

The nation is nearing an average of 200,000 new Covid-19 cases per day, and it is thought a Thanksgiving surge is still to come.

Published at Tue, 08 Dec 2020 00:55:00 +0000