Trump humiliated as Kim Jong-un refuses to meet US President again for one reason

Trump humiliated as Kim Jong-un refuses to meet US President again for one reason

The two leaders met for the first time two years ago on June 12 in Singapore. This, the first ever meeting between North Korean and American leaders, was followed by two more encounters in 2019.

However North Korean foreign minister Ri Son Gwon has announced a fourth meeting will not take place unless concessions are made by the US.

The minister argued Trump had used the meeting go gain political credit domestically without any real achievements.

Mr Gwon said: “The question is whether there will be a need to keep holding hands shaken in Singapore, as we see that there is nothing of factual improvement to be made in the DPRK-U.S. relations simply by maintaining personal relations between our supreme leadership and the US president.

“Never again will we provide the US chief executive with another package to be used for [political] achievements without receiving any returns.

“Nothing is more hypocritical than an empty promise.”

Instead the North Korean foreign minister accused America of seeking “regime change” in Pyongyang and claimed his country was being subject to “isolation and suffocation”.

Mr Gwon also argued the US was threatening North Korea with a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

He added: “The secure strategic goal of North Korea is to build up more reliable forces to cope with the long-term military threats from the US.”

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Whilst talks between the two leaders went on North Korea suspended its ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

The third meeting between Trump and Kim took place in June 2019 at the border between North and South Korea, but did not produce any breakthrough.

In the past few months, a number of short-range missile tests have been conducted by North Korea.

Earlier this week North Korea announced it was closing down all its avenues of communications with the South, including hotlines between key leaders.

Trump has been sharply criticised domestically for lavishing praise on the North Korean dictator.

Earlier this year, referring to Kim, the president said: “I was really being tough and so was he.

“And we would go back and forth. And then we fell in love.

“No really. He wrote me beautiful letters.

“They were great letters.”

Between 1950 and 1953 North and South Korea fought a way, backed by China and the UN respectively, that left several million dead.

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