Try out an electric bike for FREE: Halfords launch nationwide free trial scheme

Try out an electric bike for FREE: Halfords launch nationwide free trial scheme

Halfords is one of the best places to pick up an electric bike on a budget. The UK retailer recently took stock of a range of impressive Carrera electric bikes, with prices starting from £1,099. That’s a very appealing price point, especially considering not too long ago you’d be looking to spend around £2,000 or £3,000 for a half decent entry-level electric bike.

And if you’re thinking of picking up an electric bike, then you can now get a taster of why these motorised two wheelers have been surging in popularity during the past year or so. This week Halfords launched a new scheme which lets people try out an electric bike entirely for free.

The trial lasts for six hours, and anyone that signs up has a wide range of electric bikes to choose from. Instead of being limited to just a handful of bikes to take for a test run customers can opt for one of 13 different options.

Electric bikes that Halfords offer as part of the trial scheme include foldable bikes, mountain bikes and traditional looking road bikes. Two wheelers from Carrera and Pendleton are available to try out as part of the Halfords free trial.

To take part in the scheme, you’ll have to head to the Halfords website and see if your local store offers an electric bike trial.

You’ll then need to book an appointment, and on the day you’ll need to bring two forms of ID, including one photo ID, and pay a £101 refundable deposit.

The deposit will be refunded in full to the card you paid with.

“Or, alternatively, if you’ve been bitten by the electric bike bug and love what you’ve seen so far you can put the deposit amount towards the purchase of an electric bike from Halfords.

Speaking about the launch of the free trial, Halfords said: “The popularity of e-bikes has continued to boom over the past few years, offering a great alternative to traditional day-to-day transport methods – riders of all ages can tackle more challenging journeys, get to places faster and with less exertion, putting the fun back into regular journeys.”

Its website also added: “Investing in an electric bike isn’t a decision that is taken lightly, but Halfords are here to help! With our free electric bike trial, you can test out an electric bike for up to six hours so that you can see if electric is the way forward for you.

“Not only is an electric bike better for the environment, it can also improve your mental and physical wellbeing, while enabling you to cycle further.”

Published at Sun, 10 Oct 2021 05:01:00 +0000