TUI shock: Customers could pay even more money to rebook their summer holidays for 2021

TUI shock: Customers could pay even more money to rebook their summer holidays for 2021

TUI announced this week that it would be further suspending its holidays until July 10, scuppering Britons’ plans to go abroad this year. The tour operator, which is considered the UK’s largest, updated its customer FAQ page with the shocking news. TUI said the reason they had to further cancel holders was because of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it has now been revealed that the company is allegedly charging their customers extortionate amounts to rebook their holidays.

In some cases, customers attempting to move their summer holidays from summer 2020 to 2021 have faced a price increase of almost double what they originally paid.

Currently, TUI is offering its customers 20 percent credit on future holidays if they accept a credit note and don’t demand a cash refund.

The “refund credit” will be provided within four weeks of their departure date.

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TUI said the reason for this is because May 30 falls at the beginning of school half term next year, meaning that it would be more expensive as people tend to use this time to travel.

However, the disgruntled customer said that if they changed their holiday to June 4 next year which is after half term, they were still being quoted £2,212.

TUI explained to Which? that the reason the price had risen so dramatically was because certain discounts from her holiday booked this year would not apply to the rebooking.

A TUI spokesperson said: “There are many variables to take into account when setting holiday pricing, and these can contribute to price fluctuations from year to year or even throughout the year.”

Other TUI customers have taken to Twitter to share their experiences.

One user said: “In the process of moving our family holiday to next year and @TUIUK have asked for an ADDITIONAL £2,200.

“The details of the booking are exactly the same.”

Another said: “Booked in store with TUI for August (it was for our honeymoon) to be told it’s with a 3rd party supplier who want an extra £2000 for the same time in 2021.”

TUI has defended its policy.

They told the Daily Telegraph: “Where customers are receiving expert advice and fully assisted personal service given by our staff, the package price is higher than our website.”

TUI updated its FAQ page on its website to inform customers of which holidays it has been forced to cancel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

TUI has also cancelled its River Cruises sailing up until and including November 25.

TUI has been contacted for comment.

Published at Fri, 12 Jun 2020 15:17:00 +0000