UK Cinemas propose summer REOPENING to government: But in time for Tenet and Mulan?

UK Cinemas propose summer REOPENING to government: But in time for Tenet and Mulan?

UK Cinema chains from Odeon and Cineworld to Vue, Picturehouse and more shut down indefinitely in March due to the pandemic. Most planned cinematic releases were delayed to the summer, late 2020 or even next year. While some films have been heading straight to rental on premium video-on-demand.

But now UK Cinemas are proposing a time to reopen to the government.

According to Variety, exhibitors are presenting evidence to allow a safe reopening by the end of June.

If all goes according to plan, this would mean that Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and Disney’s Mulan would show as planned from July 17 and July 24.

Phill Clapp, chief executive of the UK Cinema Association said: “We’ve made representations to government on the safeguards which UK cinemas would look to have in place for audiences and staff alike upon re-opening.”

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He added: “And have asked that consideration be given – with these in mind – to allow cinemas to open by end June.”

And clarified that they would be “led by the government’s understanding of the risk presented by COVID-19 and respond accordingly.”

Of course, even if cinemas do reopen for July, there is the question of whether there would be a seat free in-between each audience member.

This is a measure that was put in place in some cinema chains before the lockdown.

Meanwhile, there is the current feud between cinema chains Odeon and Cineworld and Hollywood studio Universal Pictures.

As it stands, the cinema owners AMC and Regal will not show movies made by Universal.

The move comes after the studio announced it intends on releasing its films on PVOD at the same time as, or close to, cinematic releases.

The new business strategy was made after Trolls World Tour proved profitable on digital home rental after its cinema release was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Both Odeon and Cineworld sent blistering letters to Universal saying they would not show the studio’s movies if they went ahead with this strategy.

Interestingly, delayed James Bond movie No Time To Die is being distributed internationally by Universal.

How Daniel Craig’s 007 outing will be affected is yet to be seen.

No Time To Die is set for release in UK cinemas on November 12, 2020.

Published at Thu, 07 May 2020 07:32:00 +0000