UK coronavirus death rate could be much worse than Italy’s – expert analyses shock data

UK coronavirus death rate could be much worse than Italy’s – expert analyses shock data

The warning comes from Director of Epidemiology for Global Data Kasey Fu who, speaking to, claimed data shows the UK will reach its infections peak this Easter weekend. She warned that as the UK was yet to reach its peak but had already exceeded the highest number of deaths per day suffered by , the overall number of deaths in Britain may get considerably higher. 

She said: “When Italy had their peak of deaths it was around 900 cases per day and that’s what we’re seeing for the UK right now.

“So it may even be higher because the UK hasn’t reached the peak yet.”

A pandemic peaks in a country when the number of new infections in a single day reaches its highest point. 

Italy appeared to have reached its peak of new infections on March 21, when 6,557 new cases were reported. 

Six days later, on March 27 Italy recorded its highest number of deaths at 919. 

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The distressing data comes as Britain is enduring its third week of the most stringent peacetime restrictions on daily life in its history, during which people have been ordered to stay at home and police were given powers to punish those who break the rules.

“Everyone has a role to play in this, and the best way we can protect our loved ones is by staying away this Easter,” a government spokeswoman said.

“We understand that people will want to spend time with their friends and families this Easter, and we recognise that we are asking the public to make sacrifices in the fight against this disease.”

Although the Government has said the lockdown is broadly being well observed and reducing the spread of the virus, the nation’s resolve has already been tested by unseasonably warm weather, with more forecast over the next few days.

British police have warned they will use their enforcement powers against those who flout the restrictions.

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Police in Manchester said almost 500 house parties and more than 600 other incidents had been reported to them in the two weeks to April 7.

A YouGov poll showed 42 percent of the public fully supported the way police have enforced the lockdown, although 32 percent thought backed officers’ approach but thought they had sometimes gone too far.

Italy imposed a nationwide lockdown on March 9 to slow the spread of the virus and Spain followed on March 14.

The Italian government is planning to extend its lockdown to contain the country’s COVID-19 outbreak until May 3.

The country has the highest number of deaths from COVID-19 in the world – with 18,279 fatalities reported.

Published at Fri, 10 Apr 2020 11:03:00 +0000