UK holidays: Britons warned to book now for 2021 – staycations in ‘short supply next year’

UK holidays: Britons warned to book now for 2021 – staycations in ‘short supply next year’

The end of the first lockdown in March saw holidaymakers desperate to get away on a holiday. Yet, with travel restrictions still at play, many Britons traded their overseas jaunts for a staycation here in the UK.

Now, an expert is warning holidaymakers the same could happen again.

With bookings already adding up for the spring and summer seasons next year, a Cornish hotel owner advises Britons they should “book early”.

Stargazy Group owner David Barnard, who heads up hotel restaurant Stargazy Inn, as well as Port Gaverne Hotel and Restaurant and Pilchards Cafe in Port Isaac, experienced first hand the crowds the end of the spring lockdown brought in.

“Everyone was outside – it was packed. I’ve never seen our beaches as busy ever. Crazy busy. It was nice to see,” he told

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“So my advice is to book early. Because it is going to be short supply next year.”

Indeed, already camping website has reported a 500 percent increase for bookings next summer.

So far, it says there have been around 1,400 bookings, and the likelihood is that there will be more to come.

Similarly, glamping specialist Canopy and Stars states it has taken more bookings for August 2021 already than it did for August 2020.

Mr Barnard also highlighted some of the times when he anticipates his own hotel will be at its busiest.

It is likely other staycation providers will follow a similar pattern.

“Our season is basically from Easter through to the end of October,” Mr Barnard explained.

“We can be very high occupancy throughout the whole of that.

“Obviously, our peak occupancy is going to be in the school holidays.

“We’ve found since we’ve been here that the season starts to creep a little bit further and further and further. Weekends are certainly busy.”

He added: “I would say our season is maybe about nine months of a year.”

However, Britons looking to book for a Christmas and New Year holiday in 2021 might also want to think ahead.

“Christmas and New year down here, for about eight days between Christmas and New Year can be as busy as bank holiday in August,” warned Mr Barnard.

Though the future is very uncertain right now, Mr Barnard remains positive for the future and thinks Britons will soon be enjoying UK holidays once more.

“Hopefully 2021 is going to turn a page and we will see where we are from there,” he said.

Published at Wed, 04 Nov 2020 11:47:00 +0000