UK holidays: The best places to visit in Britain once lockdown is over – will you go?

UK holidays: The best places to visit in Britain once lockdown is over – will you go?

With holidays on hold and travel restrictions firmly in place, many have been left wondering where and when their next holiday will take place. But rather than looking at where to go abroad, a huge number of Britons are in fact planning to visit some holiday hotspots in the UK when lockdown comes to an end. Bimble, an app and platform that allows users to collect, save and share their favourite places has witnessed record levels of engagement since coronavirus began.

With a community of over 90,000 people, people have taken the opportunity to make lists of their bucket list destinations and future holiday plans.

The app’s “place-lists” data has shown how the pandemic has meant that people are looking at travel differently.

According to Bimble, almost half the lists created since lockdown were UK focused, which is 25 percent more than usual.

Here’s a list of some app user’s top UK destinations.

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If you fancy an adventure try… Rye, East Sussex

A picturesque English town near the coast in East Sussex, this historic location includes cobbled streets and medieval houses.

Writer Henry James once owned a home there too, if you want to brush up on your Victorian literature.

But if you prefer cities over small towns, Bristol’s International Balloon Festival, has a lot to offer.

If you love food try… Borough Market, London

From Spanish paella to macaroni cheese and dumplings, Borough Market is the best place in London for trying a variety of cuisines.

Not only is the food delectable but the atmosphere is buzzing every day of the week.

Why plan a holiday now?

Francesca Howland, CEO of Bimble explained that they have seen lots of people planning adventures for the future despite lockdown.

She said: “We may all have to stay home for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your imagination for a wander.

“We have seen people planning all kinds of adventures on Bimble, listing great little hotels, beaches and coffee shops in far flung places, as well as some wonderful staycation ideas up and down the country.

“It’s great to see that people are looking over and above the more obvious tourist spots in search of hidden neighbourhood gems.”

Leading psychologist, Dr Becky Spelman explained how planning future adventures or trips can actually make people happier.

She said: “Studies show that feeling like you’ve lost control can dampen our mood.

“So, the art of coping can be found in activities which can help you regain some of that.

“Nobody knows for sure when the current situation will change, but it is still important to keep looking to the future and to make plans for when things are better.

“When it comes to days out, holidays and adventure, actually planning the break is half the fun.

“Imagining where you want to go, what you would like to do when you get there, and even envisioning your pre-holiday shopping trip for the beach or adventure-wear can help to lift your mood.

“In fact, research shows that thinking about happier times in the future can help your body to secrete endorphins, which in turn can lead to a more positive mood and mindset.

“The benefits of planning for happier times in the future are scientifically proven”.

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