UK holidays: Tory MP urges Britons to ‘enjoy UK this year’ in huge boost for local tourism

UK holidays: Tory MP urges Britons to ‘enjoy UK this year’ in huge boost for local tourism

Caravan parks and campsites have seen a surge of interest in recent weeks as more people decide to holiday in the UK. UK holiday hotspots such as Cornwall, Sussex, the Lake District and the Isle of Wight could see an influx of tourists. Currently, the UK government is not allowing Britons to stay away from their primary residence.

Caravans, motorhomes, tents and hotel stays are all off limits for now.

But as soon as residential visits get the green light, UK tourism is likely to experience a massive boost.

And now it seems that even the MPs are encouraging Britons to explore the UK this summer.

Tory MP Brandon Lewis who serves as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, spoke to Niall Paterson on Sky News this morning about holidays.

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He continued: “Look, I think the department of transport are working on this issue.

“They’re looking at what the options may be as we move forward.

“And if there are options there in due course.

“There are no changes at the moment though. It [overseas travel] should only be if it’s absolutely essential.

“I would encourage people to look around the fantastic resorts and sites we’ve got in the United Kingdom.

“This summer, I personally will be looking forward to enjoying those.”

Mr Paterson also asked whether hotels will be able to reopen soon in the UK so that Britons can stay away from home.

Mr Lewis added: “We’ll be making some announcements. The Prime Minister will be making some announcements about leisure, hospitality and tourism in due course.

“An announcement indeed later on today.

“But I would say to people, yes, if you’re looking at travel the advice at the moment is only essential travel.

“But as I say, I encourage people to look around the United Kingdom.

“We’ve got some amazing sites and places to visit.

“And we should take a chance to enjoy all of those this year.”

Published at Tue, 23 Jun 2020 07:52:00 +0000