UK hot weather forecast: Heatwave frenzy to last until June as temperatures set to rocket

UK hot weather forecast: Heatwave frenzy to last until June as temperatures set to rocket

The last few days of this month are expected to see temperatures soar as high as 28C across many areas, including London and even Scotland. Netweather has said that the weekend could be classified as “heatwave territory” as records look set to be smashed.

“Lifting temperatures well into the twenties Celsius and this time it isn’t just the SE of England. “Western and northern parts of the UK will see the highest temperatures, peaking around 25 to 27C which puts the descriptions of ‘very warm’ and even ‘hot’ into the forecast. “ In order for the weather to officially be called a “heatwave” threshold temperatures must be reached for at least three consecutive days.

The forecaster added: “Northern Scotland is forecast to see 27C Friday, Saturday Sunday for the NW Highlands.

“Manchester around 26C, Glasgow at 24C so Strathclyde could see 25C for three days.

“Inland southern England has been very warm today into the mid 20sC.

“Somerset and Gloucestershire, Cheshire and Merseyside reach the mid-20s on Thursday as will central Ireland and inland for western counties of Northern Ireland.

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Forecaster Nicola Maxey said the latest figures were collected on Bank Holiday Monday – with one more week of May still to go.

But she added: “There is little in the way of rain on the forecast for the next few days.

“It’s going to be sunny and warm and temperatures are going to continue rising into the weekend with 83F (28C) expected by Friday.

“By Sunday, the last day of the month, we could even see the hottest day of the year so far as temperatures creep up.

“Chances are we are going to see the all-time record broken – making this month England’s driest May since 1896.”

It comes as pubs, bars and restaurants may reopen sooner than expected next month.

The Met Office added this week will see plenty of “warm sunshine”.

It said in a statement on its website: “Most areas will have another dry day with plenty of warm sunshine. Cloudier to begin with across northern Scotland, but many parts here improving through the course of the day.

“Tonight will be dry and clear for many, with some patchy low cloud at times in northern Scotland and along North Sea coasts.

“On Friday, another, warm and largely sunny day for most of the UK, with a low risk of a few sharp showers during the afternoon across parts of Scotland.

“Outlook for Saturday to Monday, continuing mostly dry, sunny and very warm across much of the UK, with the highest temperatures in the west. Cooler near North Sea coasts with some mist at times.”

Published at Thu, 28 May 2020 02:42:00 +0000