UK lockdown warning: Andrew Neil highlights Singapore fate in terrifying glimpse of future

UK lockdown warning: Andrew Neil highlights Singapore fate in terrifying glimpse of future

BBC broadcaster Andrew Neil today highlighted the case of Singapore, where a second shutdown has just been enforced. The lockdown across the UK will be reviewed by ministers although it is expected to be extended by a further three weeks to the end of May. An extended lockdown could be enforced due to the fear of a second peak of the coronavirus which could hit the UK.

Singapore was initially one of the worst-hit countries in the world but enforced strict lockdowns which helped contain the virus.

However, the country has now reported a sharp increase in cases as lockdown measures have been relaxed leading journalist Andrew Neil to claim the same could well happen in the UK.

He said: “Singapore suffered just 6 deaths so far.

“But a 2nd wave of cases is underway — 142 in last 24 hours.


“Response? A new month-long lockdown, enforced by heavy fines and jail.

“No social gatherings of any size in private or public spaces.”

At the time of writing, however, there have been 287 new cases according to the latest figures.

The total number of infections has now risen to 1,910 and in order to battle the outbreak, the government has passed laws which prohibit social gatherings.

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“The police have our full backing and they have the public’s backing too.

“They have set out in advice to officers that they should engage, explain and finally enforce.”

The statement of support for the police comes as ministers have indicated the nationwide lockdown will have to be extended to battle the virus ahead of an official announcement.

During the No 10 briefing on Wednesday, Chancellor Rishi Sunak said staying at home was the best way to defeat the virus.

Last week Business Secretary Alok Sharma had claimed the UK could experience a damaging second peak if the restrictions are lifted too early.

Earlier this week, interim leader, Dominic Raab indicated shifting focus too early may stop the progression the country has already made.

In support, professor Chris Whitty also said the country must establish when the first peak will hit before progressing.

He said this week: “The key thing is to get to the point where we are confident we have reached the peak, and that this is now beyond the peak.

“At that point, I think it will be possible to have a serious discussion about all the things we need to do, step by step, to move to the next phase of managing this.”

Published at Thu, 09 Apr 2020 14:02:00 +0000