UK motorists may be ignoring coronavirus lockdown as number of car journeys begins to rise

UK motorists may be ignoring coronavirus lockdown as number of car journeys begins to rise

Coronavirus lockdown measures came into effect two weeks ago and has seen a drastic fall in the number of vehicles on UK roads. However, the number of trips taken by UK motorists went up by almost three percent on Sunday when compared to the previous week. 

The data suggests many people were ignoring strict orders to stay at home to enjoy the warm weather the UK enjoyed over the weekend. 

There is also concern the data shows the public may be becoming frustrated by isolation two weeks into the policy. 

Despite the small bump in the road, data shows there has been a dramatic fall in the number of journeys compared to usual numbers. 

Five days after the lockdown was put into there was a 40 percent reduction in the number of drivers on UK roads. 

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“It’s positive to see that drivers across the country have responded by cutting the number of journeys they have taken. 

“Although last Sunday’s sunshine appears to have resulted in a slight rise in the number of trips motorists took.”

Admiral data shows how important the lockdown was in boosting public awareness of vehicle journeys. 

There was just a ten percent reduction in the number of motorists on the road in the days before an official rule was put into place. 

The Prime Minister had already urged road users to stop non-essential travel at this point but the statistics show motorists did not take this into account. 

Police have been given powers to issue fines to motorists who break the rules and use their vehicles for no valid reason. 

Police can issue chargers of up to £60 although total fines can fall to £30 if this is paid within 14 days. 

Some police forces have claimed motorists are using the quiet roads like a “racetrack” as speeding offences are broken. 

Metropolitan Police officers have clocked motorists travelling as high as 134mph despite the strict measures. 

Motoring lawyer Nick Freeman has warned car insurance policies could also be invalidated if motorists ignore the government advice. 

Road users should only leave the house for reasons considered essential by the government. 

This includes going to work if you are considered a key worker or visiting shops to purchase food or medicine. 

Volunteering to help vulnerable residents pick up vital supplies is also allowed under the lockdown rules.

Published at Wed, 08 Apr 2020 09:40:00 +0000