UK snow forecast: ELEVEN inches of snow and freezing fog grips nation in perilous December

UK snow forecast: ELEVEN inches of snow and freezing fog grips nation in perilous December

Weather forecasters are warning of treacherous conditions for the month ahead as freezing fog, arctic temperatures, and heaps of snow hit the country. There are warnings from some forecasters that parts of the country could see the mercury drop to -14C in the next 24 hours.

Last night temperatures in the UK plummeted as low as -10.3C.

The treacherous conditions of the first few days of December set the trend for what can be expected over the month ahead, with freezing fog and huge plies of snow forecast.

In parts of Britain the temperature will barely rise above zero degrees, as freezing fog causes perilous conditions for drivers.

Weathertrending’s John Hammond said: “For central and southern parts of the UK, I think freezing fog is going to be a problem through Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, and quite possible Thursday morning.

“Some of that could stick around all day long, keeping temperatures close to freezing.

“Where the fog clears, some pleasant weather but it will stay chilly across the southern half of the UK.”

The latest weather charts also indicate wintery conditions can be expected next week.

The Scottish Highlands and parts of northern England will see fresh snowfall hit as next week progresses, painting a scene fit for a Christmas card by the weekend of December 14 and 15.

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The Met Office also forecast snow to hit hilly areas next week with the conditions spreading “possibly to lower levels at times”.

Its forecast for Friday 6 to Sunday 15 reads: “Thick cloud and hill fog will move south across much of the UK on Friday, accompanied by periods of rain.

“Showers will follow behind, these turning wintery in northern Scotland.

“A milder day and night compared to recently, with most areas frost free, away from the far north.

“Over the weekend and into the following week, a more changeable theme is likely with spells of more organised cloud, rain and stronger winds followed by some brighter, showery and colder interludes.

“The heaviest rainfall is likely across the northwest with snow over northern hills, possibly to lower levels at times.

“Temperatures are likely to remain at or slightly below normal with occasional milder interludes, mainly in the south.”

The Met Office add there was “a possibility that we will see a transition to some longer, more settled and colder periods” towards the end of the month.

Published at Mon, 02 Dec 2019 15:04:00 +0000