UK weather forecast: 7-DAY HEATWAVE blasts Britain – 30C Tropical plume to hit from Iberia

UK weather forecast: 7-DAY HEATWAVE blasts Britain – 30C Tropical plume to hit from Iberia

Britons will enjoy temperatures comparable with a heatwave from the weekend following heavy rain and storms. A weather map by WX Charts shows a tropical plume closing in on the UK from Iberia on Friday.

The map shows a red wave of heat coming in from the Atlantic bringing hotter temperatures.

The mercury will start to rise from the weekend with temperatures reaching up to 24C, maps by Netweather show.

The hottest parts of the country on Saturday and Sunday will be London and the South East.

But by next Thursday Britain is forecast scorching temperatures with highs nudging 30C.

A weather map by Net Weather shows the southern half of the UK turning red as the mercury soars.

The change in the weather will be welcomed after a washout June with storms savaging the country this week.

Britons will have more chance to get out and enjoy the weather as the coronavirus lockdown continues to ease.

The country has faced heavy downpours and thunderstorms breaking out across many areas this week.

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There is also a warning of rain across the Midlands with a possibility of “some localised disruption”.

Met Office chief meteorologist Neil Armstrong said: “Although some places will miss these heavy showers and thunderstorms, where they do occur they’ll be quite lively bringing torrential downpours with 25 to 35mm rain falling in an hour and a few places seeing perhaps 40 to 50mm rain in a couple of hours.

“With this heavy rain falling in a short time we could see some disruption to transport or damage to properties due to localised flooding, as well as the chance of lightning and hail.”

Much of England and Wales will be hit by rain today which will spread to parts of Northern Ireland and southern Scotland.

It is forecast to be brighter across southern England later on Thursday but thundery showers are expected.

Deputy chief meteorologist Martin Young said that next week is looking more settled.

He said: “There are signs of a spell of warm and settled weather across southern parts of the UK next week, with temperatures quite widely reaching mid-20s Celsius.

“It’ll be unsettled across north-western areas with temperatures closer to average.”

Published at Thu, 18 Jun 2020 07:27:00 +0000