UK weather forecast: Britain braces for 27C heatwave before June cold snap bites – charts

UK weather forecast: Britain braces for 27C heatwave before June cold snap bites – charts

Britain has experienced an indifferent weekend, with high winds and heavy rain in parts of the country on Saturday. Temperatures have risen slightly on Sunday, with sunnier and dry spells stretching across the country. This will prove to be a warm-up for what is set to be a scorching week, with temperatures set to surge towards 27C by the end of the week.  The latest charts from the Met Office show temperature highs of 22C around London on Sunday, before they ramp up significantly for Bank Holiday Monday.

Tomorrow, the weather is forecast to be extremely warm in the south east, with highs of 26C in London.

The temperatures will be slightly lower in the south west and north west, with highs of 21C.

Netweather said: “Bank holiday Monday brings the return of fine weather to much of the country, in lighter breezes.

“There’ll be lots of sunshine, but some patchy cloud may ‘bubble-up’ later.

“It becomes warm even very warm in the East and South with top temperatures 19 to 24C, locally 25 or 26C around London.”

uk weather heatwave

UK weather forecast: Britain is set for a scorching week with temperatures surging to 27C (Image: MET OFFICE / PA)

uk weather bank holiday

UK weather forecast: The country is set to enjoy a hot and sunny Bank Holiday Monday (Image: @metoffice / Twitter)

The warm weather will continue throughout the week, with temperatures remaining at highs of 26C on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

This will bring surging temperatures in the south west and north west, with the mercury edging towards 23C on both days.

Temperatures will however fall to 25C in the southeast and 24C in the southwest on Thursday.

But Friday is set to be a scorcher, with the mercury surging to 27C in Cardiff, 25C in Manchester and remaining at 24C in London.

For Monday the Met Office forecast says: “Most areas seeing plentiful sunshine, just patchy cloud in some southeastern areas; turning out warm after the slightly chilly start although some coasts cooler.

uk weather may

UK weather forecast: Temperatures will hit highs of 22C at the end of May (Image: WXCHARTS)

“Wetter, windier weather reaches northwest Scotland.”

The outlook for Tuesday to Thursday says: “Some warm sunshine in the south Tuesday and Wednesday, but cooler in the north with cloud and showery rain.

“Becoming fine, sunny and even warmer for most on Thursday.”

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: “All the computer models are in strong agreement that high pressure will sit around for most of next week, certainly bringing most of the south and central Britain fine and sunny weather.”

Temperatures will fall slightly at the start of the weekend, before making a wuick recovery within a matter of hours.

Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow said: “The weather improves through the weekend, settling down, more areas joining in with the dry sunny weather and temperatures begin to rise.”

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uk weather forecast heatwave

UK weather forecast: temperatures could surge to as high as 27C before the end of the week (Image: @metoffice / Twitter)

uk weather forecast june

UK weather forecast: Charts show Britain will be hit by a cold snap during the first week of June (Image: WXCHARTS)

But the weather is forecast to change dramatically towards the end of this month, with temperatures plummeting and rain sweeping across the country.

Britain could also be hit by thunderstorms as May closes on a wet note.

The Met Office said for its long-range weather forecast for May 29 until June 7: “Through the last week of May, many parts should be dry and settled at first, although thicker cloud is likely to bring some outbreaks of rain to central areas for a time.

“By the end of May outbreaks of rain are expected to affect parts of Scotland and some western areas of the UK, with warm conditions and a risk of thunderstorms breaking out across England ahead of this rain.

“Into next week, the rain across Scotland is likely to move away to the east, allowing dry and settled conditions to build across most parts of the UK.

“Temperatures are likely to be warm and above average in central and southern areas, but cooler in the north.”

uk temperatures weather

UK weather forecast: Hottest temperatures on record (Image: EXPRESS)

But the latest weather maps from WXCHARTS show tempertures could plummet to as low as 12C in before the end of the first week in June. 

The mercury will remain steady at the end of May, with highs of 22C. 

However, less than a week later on June 5, temperatures are forecast to plummet by a huge 10C to highs of just 12C in the south east. 

Temperatures could even edge towards freezing in the very north of Scotland, with highs of 5C.

Published at Sun, 24 May 2020 17:46:00 +0000