UK weather forecast: Long-range charts turn bright RED as blistering heatwave returns

UK weather forecast: Long-range charts turn bright RED as blistering heatwave returns

It will be a welcomed change in the weather as the UK is expected to be hit with heavy showers, strong gales and colder temperatures over this weekend. The weather isn’t going to drastically alter in the coming days there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Forecasters from Meteo Group and AccuWeather are saying there will be a very long stint of temperatures in their mid-twenties again.

It is predicted that the end of next week will see drier weather with temperatures lifting above normal in some areas to 23C.

Later on in the month, high pressure looks likely to develop over northern Europe meaning drier days for most parts of the UK with temperatures expected to reach 25C.

It is expected to be warmer than normal in all areas of the country thanks to a strong bout of southerly wind.

Over the past month, sunseekers have basked in highs of 29C (84.2F) as the UK recorded its sunniest spring since records began in 1929.

Going into tonight however, it will be largely dry with clear spells developing however cloud and patchy drizzle across northern and eastern Scotland will sink southwards.

Tomorrow will see a few early bright spells before turning largely dull with cloudy skies and there will be patchy drizzle across northern Scotland.

Light rain and drizzle across northern and eastern England will largely clear eastwards during the afternoon.

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Mr Griffiths added: “Heavy rainfall will continue moving southward on Sunday, but the day will become drier and brighter in the North West as the day moves on. The South East will be the wettest region by the afternoon.

“Overall it will be the warmer day of the two and showers will begin to fade away by the evening for most.

“This is because of an unseasonably deep low pressure system in the North Sea moving in from the Scandinavian countries.”

Temperatures on Sunday will hover between 16 and 19C while on Monday they slip slightly to between 15 and 18C.

Published at Sat, 06 Jun 2020 12:00:00 +0000