UK weather forecast: Mini heatwave to bake Britain in 75F before Easter washout

UK weather forecast: Mini heatwave to bake Britain in 75F before Easter washout

Over the Easter weekend Britain will be lashed by rain with South England battered the hardest on Sunday. The Met Office said: “Cloud and drizzly rain in North and West Friday and Saturday, dry and warm further South and East, becoming cloudier with showers. Sunday sunny intervals and showers, heaviest in South.

In the lead up to Easter, the UK faces warmer than average temperatures, pushing the Britain into a heatwave for this time of year with 72F (22C) on Thursday, 75F (24C) on Friday and Saturday in London.

Meanwhile further north in Scotland, forecasters from The Weather Channel say Edinburgh faces 54F (12C) on Thursday, 61F (16C) on Friday with light rain, 59F (15C) on Saturday with showers and 57F (14C) on Sunday with showers.

North Yorkshire is forecast to reach 70F (21C) on Friday and Saturday, with similar temperatures expected in the Midlands.

Temperatures are expected to soar to 73F (23C) on Friday in Leicester and Birmingham.

The average daily temperature in UK in April is about 48.4F (9.1C), according to a Statisca chart which analysed data from 2015 and 2019.

Met Office forecaster said “Clear spells in the south, a few mist and fog patches forming with clear spells in the far north of Scotland where it will be a frosty start on Thursday.

“Despite the chill plenty of sunshine here, still a lot of cloud cover across central and southern Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland.

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However, mornings are likely to chilly with the possibility of frost in north with “a large day and night variation in temperature”.

Netweather’s forecast for Monday, April 13 to Sunday, April 19 reads: “Mean temperatures will be about 2C above the 1981-2010 long-term average in most regions but nearer 3C above in parts of southern and eastern Scotland.

“In most parts of England and Wales daytime temperatures will be 3C or more above the long-term mean, but minimum temperatures will be close to normal.”

The Met Office’s April 12 to April 21 forecast reads: “After an unsettled start to the week with showers across central and southern parts there should be a return to drier and brighter conditions with plenty of sunshine especially across the south.

“Likely to see a large day and night variation in temperature with mild days giving way to chilly nights and a risk of frost in the north.”

After cooler temperatures of 54F (12C) and 55F (13C) on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will see high temperatures of 64F (18C) and 66F (19C) and lows of 41F (5C) and 46F (8C) respectively in Birmingham, while London faces 14C on Monday before temperature rise to 21C on Thursday.

Despite the lovely, warmer weather Britons are still urged to stay inside and follow Government advice during ongoing lockdown in a bid to curb the coronavirus spread in the UK.

As of 9am on Tuesday, the Department of Health and Social Care reports 55,242 people tested positive for the deadly COVID-19.

While 6,159 have died from the coronavirus, as of 5pm on Monday, the department added in its daily tweet.

The latest figures are expected to be released later this afternoon.

Published at Wed, 08 Apr 2020 11:21:00 +0000