UK weather map: Met Office forecast potential low pressure system over Atlantic – latest

UK weather map: Met Office forecast potential low pressure system over Atlantic – latest

The warm days experienced by the UK in late May appears to be firmly behind us, with temperatures dropping up to 10 degrees lower in some parts today compared to last weekend. The Met Office told there is uncertainty over the forecast for the middle of next week but a low pressure system could potentially form, bringing rain and winds to some regions.

The start of next week is predicted to begin drier for many areas, but this could be set to change midweek.

Met Office meteorologist Luke Miall told “Early next week looks like it will probably start off drier for many with high pressure for a couple of days, some quite drier, sunnier and a bit warmer weather.

“There is a lot of uncertainty through the middle of the week.

“But it looks like we may see another frontal system coming in from the Atlantic, giving a bit more of a changeable spell through the middle of the week.”

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He added: “If that came in we’d probably be looking at a bit of a repeat performance of the last couple of days, where we’d see the strong northerly winds and outbreaks of rain.

“But not everywhere would see the worst of it, some areas could be more prone, it just depends on where that low-pressure system goes – if it forms at all.

“We’d be looking at more unsettled weather with rain and strong winds again.”

After a scorching hot few days last weekend, some parts of the UK today are witnessing up to 10 degrees lower temperatures than the week prior.

The weather on Sunday is expected to be a west-east split, with eastern areas cloudy and outbreaks of showery rain possible.

Western areas are predicted to see drier, sunnier and brighter weather.

In the afternoon there will be some good spells of sunshine for much of Scotland, Northern Ireland, northwest England and western sides of England and Wales.

Overall Sunday is forecast to be a better day than Saturday, but there are still likely to be some drizzly rain conditions in the east.

Top temperatures on Sunday are forecast in Scotland’s central belt, with temperatures of 20C possible in some areas.

In London, the temperatures are likely to peak at about 17C to 18C.

Published at Sat, 06 Jun 2020 10:05:00 +0000