UK weather warning: Freezing chill to unleash thundery showers on Bank Holiday Monday

UK weather warning: Freezing chill to unleash thundery showers on Bank Holiday Monday

After a sizzling Easter weekend that saw highs of 24C in London, much of England and Wales will experience a sudden temperature drop starting today, as a cold front sweeps in. This month so far the weather has been particularly dry and warm over England and Wales, but the temperatures is forecast to fall as low as -6C in some parts of Scotland overnight.

Netweather forecaster Terry Scholey said: “After a few showers in the South at first on Easter Monday, most parts are dry but much colder.

“The best of the sunshine will be over Scotland, Northern Ireland and in the West, with eastern areas continuing to see more cloud and a few coastal light showers.

“It’ll feel raw in a North East or North wind that’ll be blustery in the East and South, with top temperatures only 12 to 14C in the West and 7 to 11C further East.

“A cold evening will be followed by clearing skies after dark.

“As winds fall light, this’ll lead to a widespread frost, with temperatures perhaps falling as low as -5 or -6C in some sheltered Scottish glens.

“A few mist or fog patches may also form towards dawn, but these will be short-lived.”

Regardless of the weather, people are still advised to follow the government’s guidelines to not to leave their homes unless their trip is essential this week.

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Winds generally will be light, with colder northerlies over the far North of England.

These winds will trigger a marked drop in temperature.

Met Office meteorologist Emma Salter said: “It is going to be a bit of a shock to the system for some places, it’s going to be dry but will feel really cold for England and Wales, with a drop in temperature.

“There will be plenty of sunshine but it will be breezy.

“A lot of places in England and Wales will struggle to get to double figures.”

Much of Scotland will see showers in the North which will then travel South along with some Arctic winds.

There will be a sudden temperature drop in this area too, to between 7 and 10C.

The cold northerly winds will spread to Northern Ireland after some showers on Sunday morning.

In the far North scattered showers may turn wintry on hills later.

Temperatures in the far North will be no higher than 4 to 6C.

By mid-week the warmer weather will resume and the sun is expected to shine throughout much of the second half of the week.

Apart from the odd shower, the sunshine, if hazy in some places, will prevail.

Published at Mon, 13 Apr 2020 04:07:00 +0000