UK wind warning: Freezing chill to lash Britain before 24C Easter heat arrives

UK wind warning: Freezing chill to lash Britain before 24C Easter heat arrives

Freezing wind chills of 0C will hit areas of Scotland this morning, including near Inverness and Aberdeen, according to WX Charts.The wind chill will warm up slightly in Liverpool at 4C before midday.

Cloud, rain and gales on the coast are to be expected on Wednesday to Friday with an area of low pressure to the west.

There may also be some cloud and rain on Monday morning.

But this is expected to clear towards the east, and Northern Ireland and Scotland might also experience some showers.

This may also be the case for the west coast, with Northern Ireland, West Wales and the South West being generally cloudier than inland and eastern areas.

The warmth may extend into the Easter period to enhance your daily walk while of course, remembering to adhere to the guidelines.

A southern breeze is expected to raise temperatures further, possibly to around 24C later this week.

But residents will yet again be urged to stay indoors despite the clear skies.

Met Office forecaster Steven Keates told Sun Online: “There’s a chance we will see higher temperatures of 23C or 24C on Wednesday and Thursday in central south eastern England.

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London saw some of the highest temperatures of the year last weekend, enjoying highs of 22C.

Again, sunshine and balmy temperatures should be expected predominantly for the south, while areas towards Northern Ireland and Scotland might be a bit cloudier, even with bursts of rain.

Spring may also bring with it increasing pollen counts – today for most of England the Met Office expects a medium count, though for Tuesday through to Thursday this is rising to high levels.

However the majority of Scotland remains on a low pollen count.

The approaching warm weather this weekend may be of some concern to Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

He recently hit out at Britons flouting Covid-19 social distancing guidelines in order to head to parks and lie in the sun.

He reiterated to Sky News that: “We are absolutely clear you should not leave your home unless it’s for one of four reasons.

“For medical reasons, to buy food, to go to work if you can’t work at home or for exercise.”

For now, he has said there are no plans to tighten restrictions, though Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not ruled this out.

Published at Mon, 06 Apr 2020 04:38:00 +0000