UK’s most dangerous city to drive in named as road users urged to be ‘vigilant’

UK’s most dangerous city to drive in named as road users urged to be ‘vigilant’

Road casualty statistics have revealed that London was the most dangerous area in the UK with over 30,000 incidents over the past 12 months. This equated to a massive 50 casualties per square mile as the capital soared clear at the top of the standings.

Bournemouth was found to be the second most dangerous area to drive with 45 casualties per square mile.

However, the smaller city centre meant that this only equated to 804 casualties over the past 12 months.

Nottingham recorded over 1,000 casualties but an incident rate of 36 per square mile in an identical average to Luton and Portsmouth.

Birmingham was sixth with over 3,500 incidents at an average of 34 incidents per square mile while Kingston Upon Hull, Southampton, Blackpool and Bristol were close behind.

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He warned it was vital that drivers remained “vigilant” when travelling to ensure they kept themselves and others safe at all times.

He told “Road casualties and accidents have been on the decline over the last few decades thanks to road improvements and additional regulations.

“It is still crucial for drivers to be taking extra care on the roads, particularly those that have not been driving for as long.

“With winter weather conditions having a great impact on the roads, it’s really important for drivers in the UK and the rest of the world to be extra vigilant when travelling to their destination to protect themselves and others.”

Alcohol is attributable to 133 deaths and over 6,000 casualties across the UK with aggressive driving leading to over 4,000 casualties.

In a winter warning to road users, slippery roads were found to be responsible for 8,000 casualties each year.

England ranks as the fourth safest country for roads in the world followed by Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Norway has been rated as having the best roads with just 108 road deaths over the course of one year.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities – Road casualties per square mile

1. London – 50

2. Bournemouth – 45 

3. Nottingham – 36

4. Luton – 36

5. Portsmouth – 36

6. Birmingham – 34

7. Kingston Upon Hull – 33

8. Southampton – 31

9. Blackpool – 30

10. Bristol – 27

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