Under-7s football match sees 1300 Austrian ultras arrive with flares and drums

Under-7s football match sees 1300 Austrian ultras arrive with flares and drums

There were incredible scenes in Austria as 1,300 ultras filled the stands at Austria Salzburg with flares, drums and flags to cheer on the club’s U7s team. Footage of the event showed good-natured ‘fanatics’ creating an amazing atmosphere as the children played a small-sided match in front of them.

The video shows the children playing against USV Lamprechthausen in one of the Austrian youth leagues. But the age of the players has not prevented the fans from turning up in huge numbers.

Self-proclaimed ‘fanatics’ fill the stand closest to the small-sided match. The video shows that flags are being waved, pyrotechnics have been set off, while the chants are raucously loud.

However, there is no bad behaviour and the children appear to respond well to playing in front of such a large crowd.

Footage of the game was initially shared by Austria Salzburg coach Sascha Gastuba. He shared the video to his Instagram account with a caption glowing about the team’s supporters.

Gastuba wrote in Austrian: “Since the beginning of my work at SV Austria Salzburg, I have been repeatedly asked by strangers about how the hooligans behave in the club, and whether there are ‘normal’ fans? Meanwhile, I answer with a smile but also with pride to the statement as follows:

“Austria is a family club that has put its offspring in the centre. Our organised fan scene is always on the spot and pushes the youngster, especially the children and young people at div. Actions ahead of the curve and also outside the curve. I think so B. among other things, to the youth presentation with more than 100 children last season, which was accompanied loudly and solemnly.

“But I also think that many people from the active fan scene have made a great contribution to further professionalise the young generation.”

He added: “Also the U7 of the USV Lamprechthausen was invited to this event – as you can see in the video, the children and also their parents were shining with joy and enthusiasm. If you are also asked what Austria is today, show him this video.”

Austria Salzburg were formed in 2005 after a group of fans organised a new club in the aftermath of the Red Bull Company’s purchase of SV Salzburg. Their first team play in the third division of Austrian football.

Published at Tue, 28 Mar 2023 19:45:00 +0000