US Election 2020: Furious Trump supporter crashes LIVE press briefing with bizarre rant

US Election 2020: Furious Trump supporter crashes LIVE press briefing with bizarre rant

Joe Gloria, Clark County Registrar in Nevada, was speaking to reporters about the ballot counting process when he was interrupted by a Trump supporter. The heckler ranted about how the former Vice President was attempting to rig the election in his favour by voter fraud. There is currently no evidence to support the allegations of fraudulent ballots being cast this election.

As Mr Gloria was holding a press briefing on Wednesday, the disgruntled man took the stage and began shouting about the allegations Mr Biden is rigging the election.

He said: “The Biden crime family’s stealing this election, the media’s covering it up!

“We want our freedom from the world! Give us our freedom, Joe Biden!

“Biden’s covering up this election! He’s stealing it!”

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Mr Gloria did not attempt to stop the heckler’s rant, and he shortly left the stage.

The registrar was explaining the delay in Nevada’s ballot results for the election and said it would be apparent soon.

According to Mr Gloria, all early votes and Election Day votes have been counted and only mail-in ballots are left to tally, but they are still being delivered and can be counted as late as November 10.

He added: “We are working feverishly to get all of that counted so that we can make an accurate report.”

The unclear election result has led to intense divisions between the Democrats and Republicans, with Mr Trump declaring he had won the election without the final results coming in.

Speaking at the White House at 2am EST (7am GMT), the President also announced late-delivered mail-in ballots should not be counted in the election total.

He added: “We want all voting to stop. We don’t want them to find any ballots at four o’clock in the morning and add them to the list.

“Okay? It’s a very sad moment. To me this is a very sad moment and we will win this.

“And as far as I’m concerned, we already have won it.”

Protests have broken out across the US over the President’s remarks on vote counting.

More than 500 “Protect the Result” protests have been planned across the US, with New York City seeing thousands marching for a full count of the votes.

Protesters in Chicago were overhead chanting “count every vote” and “out now” as they blocked the streets of the Illinois capital.

Rachel Pierson, of local radio WBBM, said: “This may be one of the largest demonstrations that’s taken place in Chicago this year.”

Mr Trump’s campaign has also launched two lawsuits to the states of Pennsylvania and Michigan to force them to stop counting votes.

The campaign has also sued Wisconsin with the hopes of forcing a recount.

Mr Biden’s campaign has not responded to the specific lawsuits, but the former Vice President has urged his supporters to wait for the results and “keep the faith”.

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