US election: Donald Trump and Joe Biden supporters in ARMED standoff as tensions erupt

US election: Donald Trump and Joe Biden supporters in ARMED standoff as tensions erupt

Mr Biden has claimed victory in the contest and pledged to “govern as an American President”.

However Mr Trump has refused to concede, and is challenging a number of results in the courts.

The president has alleged, without providing solid evidence, that he’s the victim of mass electoral fraud.

A faceoff between supporters of the two men was reported on by Sky’s Alex Crawford in Atlanta, Georgia, one of the key battleground election states.

Ms Crawford said: “There are two sets of supporters here, we’re on the side of the Joe Biden supporters, some of them are armed.

“You can see on the other side behind a very small line of police there are Trump supporters, they are also armed.

“The two of them have come together and as you can see a number of them have come armed.”

Footage from the scene showed police separating the two sides, whilst a number of people on both sides were equipped with military grade rifles and pistols.

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Georgia has announced a recount of the votes after the final tally put Mr Biden ahead by just 7,248 votes, or 0.1 percent.

Ms Crawford spoke to armed men in both the pro-Biden and pro-Trump groups.  

One anti-Trump protestor, carrying a rifle, said: “Armed anti-Trump “They came to my city with guns and we know their intent. Trump supporters.

“They come into my city that they don’t live in with guns, yes I feel very threatened.”

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Later an armed Trump supporter stated: “They’re infringing on our rights, on the people.”

Asked why he had a gun another Trump supporter replied: “It’s our constitutional right.”

Mr Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20 2021.

Published at Sun, 08 Nov 2020 03:31:35 +0000