US Election polls tracker: Trump sees last minute surge as election date nears

US Election polls tracker: Trump sees last minute surge as election date nears

President Donald Trump will go head to head in the polls against Democrat Joe Biden on November 3, when the American public cast their votes. The incumbent Republican president is hoping for another White House term and cast his own vote today in Florida.

Approximately 56.1 million Americans have cast early ballots across the country either in person or by mail.

The pace of voting could lead to the highest voter turnout rate in more than a century, according to data from the U.S. Elections Project.

President Trump voted at a library in West Palm Beach, near his Mar-a-Lago estate, after switching his permanent residence and voter registration last year from New York to Florida, a must-win battleground for his re-election bid.

He told reporters after casting his ballot: ”I voted for a guy named Trump.”

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Throughout the election campaign, Mr Biden has led Mr Trump in the polls, with projections favouring a Democratic win.

In terms of betting, Mr Biden is the 1/2 favourite with bookmaker Coral to win next month’s election.

Despite this, there has been a surge in last-minute betting support for the President.

Bookmakers Coral have found 75 percent of the bets they have taken over the last seven days have been for Mr Trump who stands at 13/8.

The latest opinion polls undertaken between October 19 and 23 showed Mr Biden ahead on 51 percent, while Mr Trump has 41 percent.

The poll, undertaken by IBD and TIPP surveyed 1,029 likely voters.

Similarly, a poll by USC Dornsife found Mr Biden ahead by 53 percent, while President Trump trailed with 42 percent.

The USC Dornsife poll was carried out between October 10 and 23 and questioned 5,229 respondents.

While the polls show Mr Biden ahead, it remains to be seen whether this will translate to the same result come November 3.

On the campaign trail on Friday, Mr Biden and Mr Trump renewed their battle over the President’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr Biden said Mr Trump had given up on containing the virus, while Mr Trump accused Mr Biden of overstating the health crisis to scare Americans into voting for him.

Mr Biden will get some help again on Saturday from Barack Obama, who will hold a drive-in rally in Miami.

Ex-president Barack Obama is still a popular figure in the Democratic party nearly four years after leaving office.

He delivered a blistering attack on Mr Trump’s leadership when he made his 2020 campaign-trail debut in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

Published at Sat, 24 Oct 2020 20:21:00 +0000