Valorant beta key update: Get a Valorant Beta Key through Twitch Drops this week

Valorant beta key update: Get a Valorant Beta Key through Twitch Drops this week

Valorant will continue to provide Beta Keys past April 7 and Riot Games has confirmed when gamers can expect the next Twitch Drops. The good news is that this process is scheduled to begin today, April 8. The bad news is that we don’t have a solid start time for when things will get rolling again. However, Riot Games has provided a rundown of how things will work and a rough timeline to follow.

From what has been shared so far, new Valorant Beta Keys will be coming in the form of Twitch Drops in the afternoon in the UK.

That will mean checking out correct Twitch Stream in the US from moring time, PST.

A message from Riot Games confirms: “Day 1 of Closed Beta has been incredible but humbling as we scale our servers.

“For now, we have to pause stream drops until tomorrow morning (PT). We’ll let you know as soon as they’re back.

“We hear your questions and concerns about CB access and will clarify as soon as we can.”

Riot Games has been shutting down Valorant Twitch Drops throughout launch day, due to server issues.

Problems popped throughout the first closed testing phase, with technical hitches expected. Speaking about the Valorant launch, game director Joe Ziegler confirmed that plenty of feedback was being taken on board.

He also provided an update on the Valorant Beta Key situation and how more chances would be popping throughout the week.

He told fans on Twitter: “I can not express how unimaginably humbling player interest in VALORANT has been.

“We’re fixing things we could only have discovered by starting this journey, and we’re listening and preparing more info to address concerns. Today has been (for many reasons) a crazy experience.

“To dispel confusion, there will be more drops continuing throughout the week (and likely beyond) Also the amount of drops we give is not a fixed amount, but rather flexible around how many people we are servicing at any given time against capacity.

“In other words, if you haven’t gotten in yet, this is far from your only chance to get in.

“Thanks everyone again for sticking with us. If anything else comes up we’ll be on top of it and let you know.”

For those who might have missed it, Riot Games has teamed up with Twitch as part of the closed beta signup process. And that means you will need to have your Riot Games account linked with a Twitch account for an opportunity to play.

The Closed Beta has begun in select regions and will continue to expand during the week with new players. To earn a Valorant beta key, gamers will need to be watching a Twitch stream with a Drops Enabled tag assigned to it.

A message from the Valorant site adds: “The number of players we let in is based on our current server capacity.

“We encourage everyone to register and we’ll let more people in as we are able. Player count will ramp up based on timelines for when we can activate more regional servers.

“If you’re playing from either Canada, United States, Russia, Turkey, or Europe, you have a chance to get in the closed beta.

“Getting the closed beta in the hands of players outside of those regions is not possible at this time, unfortunately. Our official VALORANT channels will update you if the situation changes.”


  • Register for a Riot account
  • Link your Riot account to a Twitch account
  • When closed beta activates in your region (EU and NA for now), watch specific VALORANT closed beta streams highlighted on Twitch with the Drops Enabled Tag.

Published at Wed, 08 Apr 2020 04:44:00 +0000