Valorant patch notes news as Riot Games talk Ranks

Valorant patch notes news as Riot Games talk Ranks

Riot Games has confirmed that they have another change planned for the game this week. Valorant patch notes have been released for update 0.50, but it looks like more changes are coming to the beta. A new post from the Valorant Twitter account confirms that Riot Games are deploying a new tweak that will add further penalties for gamers who go AFK. There’s no release schedule for this change, suggesting it might go ahead in the coming hours.

The Riot Games message reads: “We’re shipping a change that increases penalties for AFKs, which include longer queue restrictions for folks to AFK for multiple rounds.

“We’ll keep an eye on these restrictions when there’s service instability, but please commit to the games you queue up for.”

This is just the latest update being made to Valorant following a much beefier patch going live this week.

That included changes to maps, removing exploits while also focusing on making weapons more effective in-game.

A message from Riot Games explains: “All rifles have been updated to make single-tap and burst fire more efficient. The idea here is to support the viability of all rifle shooting styles (tap, burst, spray) when used in optimal situations. This is tied to “Gun Recovery Time,”.”

“Sage, Cypher, Omen, Viper, Brimstone, and Phoenix have all undergone changes, in part to better align them with their intended roles and to balance abilities that we found to be either too weak or too powerful in common situations.

“The cost of some Agent abilities have been tuned to better reflect their impact on the game. We also lowered the cap on the amount of credits a team can bank during a match to help opposing teams catch up—so, you can’t go over 9,000.

“And the Spike now automatically falls when it gets stuck in an elevated location (you can stop bugging your tall friend now).”

Riot also revealed more on how Valorant ranked play works and why matchmaking isn’t focused on solo queues.

Ian Fielding, product manager of Valorant, told fans this week: “Having a solo queue can easily lead to that becoming the definitive test of someone’s skills and the primary way to play competitively.

“We’ve opted instead to allow players to play at any team size they prefer. We also think it’s valuable for players to search for good teammates now for competitive play, so when higher-stakes competition becomes available, they already have teammates they can rely on.

“If you are playing solo or with smaller group sizes, we’ve worked to make it so our matchmaking will favour placing players against similar premade team sizes.

“Also, outside of playing at the highest rank, we’ve included measurement on a small degree of ‘performance’ in determining how your rank increases or decreases. So if you perform exceptionally well and have an outsized contribution to your team’s win, you‘ll rank up faster.”

Valorant is out now in closed beta and has a release date set for Summer 2020 on PC.

Published at Wed, 13 May 2020 20:55:00 +0000