Valorant release time: Countdown and release date latest from Riot Games

Valorant release time: Countdown and release date latest from Riot Games

Plenty of surprises are being planned for the Valorant release date on PC this week. Developers Riot Games just completed a successful beta run for its new team shooter and hopes are high for the return of servers. For now, the game remains offline but fans are expecting big news in the coming days regarding the Valorat launch time schedule.


Riot Games has confirmed that the Valorant release date has been set for Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

Valorant will be launching on PC only but the good news is that everyone will have access to the game on launch day.

This means that you won’t be spending any time having to unlock it by watching streams on Twitch.

It should also be noted that while this is being described as a worldwide launch for Valorant, not everyone will have access on June 2.

Riot Games has confirmed that some regions will miss out, telling fans earlier this month: “You’re probably aware of this, but it’s worth reminding. There are still some regions that we can’t get to just yet, like Vietnam, India, the Middle East, and a few others, but everyone is welcome.”

“For regions like Vietnam, we won’t be able to launch just yet, and for regions like India and the Middle East, we have future plans for you but for now will be mapping you to the SEA and EU servers, respectively.

“You’ll have higher latencies than we’d like, but we figured you’d want to play the game as soon as possible. Expect updates to come as we make progress here.”

When it comes to launch day, Riot Games has yet to confirm its full Valorant release time plans.

The development team has been very forthcoming when it comes to offering up information so we would expect this news to be revealed in the next 24-hours.

The beta end time was set for 9am PT, while closed beta launch time was set for around 5am PT in the United States.

This would suggest that something similar might happen with the launch of the Valorant servers later this week.

Fans will want to keep an eye out for the latest news from Riot Games and the Express will update this article when more information has been shared.

And as with all big game launches, players can probably expect some disruption when Valorant servers are switched back online.

Tons of players will be looking to return so it will be interesting to see how Riot plans to deal with this surge.

We could see different regions return at different times, or Valorant could do things completely differently.

Speaking about the Valorant servers, Riot Games provided this update, telling fans: “There are things that remain outside of our control, like our ongoing negotiations with ISPs who are routing players to the wrong data centers (sorry some of you German players getting matched in Turkey), or if you continue to play VALORANT on wifi while on top of your microwave.

“Larger matchmaking populations will help deliver games where most players have less than 35ms ping (because sometimes it just comes down to geography).

“We’ve also got our eyes on more ‘points of presence’ for Riot Direct to help get players onto the VALORANT network faster. New datacenters are already being stood up to service player demand in areas where latency isn’t meeting our standards.On our current short-term roadmap is to get new game server deployments in Warsaw, Madrid, London, Atlanta, and Dallas.

“We’re also not satisfied with latency in Colombia, Argentina, and Eastern Europe—looking at options there. We’ll have updates as we go, but want to reinforce that this is just the beginning of our commitment to you.”

Valorant returns on June 2 on PC, with a further launch possible on Mobile and consoles in the future.

Published at Mon, 01 Jun 2020 00:39:00 +0000