Vera Lynn dead: We’ll Meet Again star’s greatest hits in amazing 80 year career

Vera Lynn dead: We’ll Meet Again star’s greatest hits in amazing 80 year career

Dame Vera Lynn was the Forces’ sweetheart, and was a truly beloved singer the world over. It was only three months ago the iconic musician released a brand new video and message for her signature hit We’ll Meet Again. The release was in honour of Dame Vera’s 103rd birthday. Now tragic news has revealed the star has died. In a short press release, her family announced Dame Vera passed away.

The adored singer was responsible for a number of heartwarming hits throughout wartime and in the years following.

Dame Vera was perhaps most famous for We’ll Meet Again, a poignant tune which gained popularity once again during the coronavirus pandemic for its reference to seeing lost loved ones once more.

But the singer also created the beautiful track White Cliffs of Dover, a rousing piece that has lasted the tests of time.

And Dame Vera also shared the wonderful song Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.

During the coronavirus Dame Vera’s team helped her release a brand new video for her enduring all-time favourite We’ll Meet Again.

A timely addition to her library, especially in these difficult times when the world is coming together to support each other through the pandemic.

Dame Vera was the original “Forces’ Sweetheart”,.

She helped World War II soldiers and their families by giving them the positivity and courage they needed to help them get through the awful pain and suffering of the time.

“I’m greatly encouraged that despite these struggles we have seen people joining together.

“They are supporting one another, reaching into the homes of their neighbours by offering assistance to the elderly and sending messages of support and singing into the streets.

“Music is so good for the soul, and during these hard times we must all help each other to find moments of joy.

“Keep smiling and keep singing,” Dame Vera had added.

Another favourite of the singer is the song There’ll Always Be An England, which referred to the hope that despite the horrors of the World Wars, the country will always prevail.

Dame Vera quickly rose in popularity when she began giving outdoor concerts for the troops in Egypt, India, and Burma during the war as part of Entertainments National Service Association (ENSA).

And the icon continued her success in peacetime with various appearances on TV and radio in the UK and USA.

Celebrities and fans have flooded social media with tributes to the beloved singer. Undoubtedly, as Dame Vera Lynn would say, we’ll meet again.

Published at Thu, 18 Jun 2020 08:52:00 +0000