Video emerges of fans heckling, swearing at Stephen Curry’s parents

Video emerges of fans heckling, swearing at Stephen Curry’s parents

In the wake of widespread condemnation of Toronto Raptors fans who cheered the injury of Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant in Game 5, new video has emerged showing fans heckling the parents of Stephen Curry.

The video clip, posted to Twitter by the sports website The Render on June 11, shows Dell Curry, himself a former Raptors star, and his wife Sonya as they get out of a van at the St. Regis Toronto hotel. The two are greeted by taunts and profanity as they walk into the hotel, although at least one fan in the group appears to shout: “You’re the best Dell, don’t even listen to these guys.”

Sonya Curry appears to respond to the taunts, but it’s unclear what she says. It’s also not clear when this incident took place.


The Currys have a special connection to Toronto. Dell Curry played for the Raptors for three years, beginning in 1999. His son Stephen went to middle school in the city during that time. And Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry is from Markham, Ont. 

Last week, Toronto police charged a Toronto man with mischief after he allegedly made an obscene comment about Ayesha Curry during a broadcast on CP 24. It is alleged to have occurred after the Raptors’ loss to the Warriors in Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

The behaviour of Toronto Raptors fans has come into focus after their reaction to Durant’s serious leg injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday night. 

Durant had returned to play after being sidelined for weeks with a sore calf. He was forced leave the game in the second quarter after injuring his Achilles tendon.

The sight of Durant limping and being led off the court initially prompted cheers from some fans inside Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena, as well as those huddled outside watching the game on the big screen at Jurassic Park.

Inside the arena, with some prompting from Raptors players like Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka, some of those cheers eventually turned to chants of support for Durant. Regardless, the initial reaction was swiftly condemned by players from both teams, other athletes and people on social media.

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant walks off the court after suffering an injury in Game 5. At the same time, Toronto Raptors centre Serge Ibaka gestures to the crowd. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

The fan reaction to Durant’s injury prompted one Toronto resident to set up a website apologizing to the Warrior. The text on the website says, “We got too excited and we screwed up. We are Canadian, so naturally, we are sorry.”

It goes on to talk about the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation and asks Raptor fans to show their “true colours” by donating to the charity. It provides a direct link.

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