Virgin Media broadband cut in price but there is something even cheaper

Virgin Media broadband cut in price but there is something even cheaper

Virgin Media has recently cut the cost of its Broadband and phone bundles which now start from just £27 per month (was £33) for new customers.

This deal includes average download speeds of 108Mbps plus a Virgin phone line.

For those that want a faster connection there also 213Mbps for £32 per month or 362Mbps for £37.

These are all big savings off the usual price but there is a rival that’s offering something even cheaper.

TalkTalk is currently boasting that it has the “UK’s lowest fixed price broadband” with prices starting from £19.95 per month.

This deal only includes average speeds of 11Mbps which is slow but could be suitable for those who have limited usage.

However, you can get something quicker with the supplier also offering its Faster Fibre Broadband for £23.50 per month – saving £12.50.

This includes average download speeds of 38Mbps which is just slightly slower the UK average.

If that still doesn’t sound quick enough then there’s one more deal with TalkTalk’s Faster Fibre Broadband with Speed Boost now £26 a month – saving £15.

This includes average download speeds of 67Mbps.

These deals are available until September 26 with all requiring you sign up to 18 months.

Along with TalkTalk and Virgin Media offering discounts, there’s more news for broadband fans with Sky revealing a massive speed boost for its customers.

The firm is launching something called Ultrafast which will have the power to beam speeds into homes at over 280Mbps – that’s much faster than the current 59Mbps top speed.

Speaking about the new service Kathryn Imrie, Director of Broadband at Sky, said: “Fast and reliable broadband is an essential part of the family household today, and it’s only going to get more important in future.”

“We want our customers to be able to do even more online, on more devices, without seeing their connection lag or drop. As a Sky Broadband Ultrafast customer, you will be able to seamlessly watch an HD movie, while your partner surfs the web and your kids are gaming in their bedroom.”

Those interested can sign up for more information at Sky’s website but pricing has been released.

There’s two options with Sky Broadband Ultrafast 1 – average download speeds of 145Mbps – costing £39 a month and Ultrafast 2 – offering average download speeds of 285Mbps – priced at £49 a month.

Published at Fri, 23 Aug 2019 05:30:00 +0000