Virgin Media users can now enjoy these new Sky TV channels for free

Virgin Media users can now enjoy these new Sky TV channels for free

Virgin Media TV V6 viewers might’ve been jealously looking over at their Sky Q counterparts in recent days as (well, one is technically only a rebrand – albeit with a pledge of exclusive new content in the pipeline) arriving with Sky customers was confirmed. But there was no need for any grumblings, as Virgin Media has confirmed these new channels have landed on TV V6 set-top boxes nationwide too.

Both of the new channels will be available in High Definition to all customers who subscribe to the Maxit TV (previously dubbed Full House) bundle. Best of all? Just like those with a Sky Q box, Virgin Media customers will be able to watch these channels at no extra monthly cost. As millions are still being encouraged to spend as much of the day inside as possible due to the ongoing public health crisis, the arrival of two new channels with a bumper crop of live and on-demand shows couldn’t have come at a better time.

The new channels are Sky Documentaries, Sky Nature, and Sky History. First up, Sky Documentaries brands itself as the home of “world-class, real-life stories from award-winning filmmakers,” including US network HBO, ShowTime and Netflix rival Hulu.

The latter has a number of exclusive documentaries, including one on the Fyre Festival – dubbed Fyre Fraud – that has never aired in the UK. So, fingers crossed British viewers – who have only been able to watch the rival documentary film from Netflix – finally get a chance to watch that as well as a slew of others.


At launch, Sky Documentaries will host 100 on-demand titles, which will be a mix of feature-length documentaries and series. Amongst these, a Hillary Clinton biopic entitled Hillary, which was picked up by Sky straight from the Sundance Film Festival.

Scam story McMillions and the Muhammad Ali tale Ali Vs Cavett are also included, as well as music documentary Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men and The Plastic Nile, which looks at the impact of pollution on the world’s longest river.

Meanwhile, Sky Nature will play host to a number of Sky original series like Wild Animal Babies, as well as the existing David Attenborough-hosted shows that have previously aired on other Sky channels. Sky Nature will also air a number of documentaries originally broadcast on Canadian channel Love Nature. This will include Gangs of Lemur Island, Africa’s Underwater Wonders, and Mysteries of the Mekong. Some of these will air in Ultra HD and HDR, which finally arrives on Sky Q after two years of delays.

And finally, Sky History is essentially a rebrand of the A+E Network channel previously known as History, which is already available to Sky subscribers. However, as well as a new name and a shiny new logo, Sky is also bringing a number of its own exclusive shows to the table to combine with the back catalogue already available from the History channel.

The current slate includes William Shatner-fronted The UnXplained, as well as Ancient Superstructures, Secret Wars Uncovered, and Washington, which is narrated by Jeff Daniels.

David Bouchier, Chief Digital Entertainment Officer at Virgin Media, said: “We are delighted to be adding these two new powerful Sky channels for our premium TV customers. With some of the best factual and nature programming on the planet, these channels offer diverting stories and an escape into the natural world at this difficult time.”

Published at Fri, 29 May 2020 05:46:00 +0000