‘Visa fee will break Europe!’ Britons rage at EU travel charge and urge Boris to hit back

‘Visa fee will break Europe!’ Britons rage at EU travel charge and urge Boris to hit back

Voters were split but the majority, 60 percent, said the new £6 fee is a fair charge for the EU to impose, whilst 27 percent of voters said it is an unfair decision, in a poll of 5,213 people held between 3pm August 4 and 11.30am August 6. The new fee was announced by EU officials two and a half months after Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed plans to charge EU citizens and other foreign nationals to visit the UK – a scheme that could bring in £300million.


The EU travel registration remains valid for three years and can be used for multiple trips, meaning the fee works out at £2 per year.

One reader commented said: “This visa fee will break the whole tourism industry in Europe.

“Save on the fee and instead visit Thailand or Vietnam where you can enjoy yourself royally for €7.”

Another reader said: “It’s six quid every three years and you’re having a moan?

“Call that an EU ‘Money spinner’? Are you for real?”

When asked whether Express.co.uk readers will avoid holidays to EU countries since the £6 charge has been announced, an astounding 67 percent of voters said they will, but 29 percent said they won’t avoid holiday trips.

Out of the 67 percent of voters who said they will be avoiding EU countries, many of them may have held that opinion regardless of the £6 charge.

One reader said: “Why the hell would anyone want to go on holiday in countries that despise you [the British].”

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A lot of voters said that Britons should not be surprised by the travel charge as it was always a known part of the Brexit deal.

A voter said: “Back in 2016 people were told that if the UK left the EU, then it would become necessary to apply for a visa to enter an EU country, it is no surprise.”

A fellow reader agreed: “If you travel to most countries you have to have a visa, Turkey charge around £20 for 3 months, so no big deal really.”

The UK should also charge EU citizens £6 to visit, according to 51 percent of voters.

In contrast, 16 percent said the UK should charge less than £6, and 11 percent think an acceptable price would be £6-£10, whilst 22 percent think the charge should be more than £10.

The European Commission said: “The process will be simple, fast and affordable.”

But many readers doubt the likelihood of an easy registration process.

One said: “Knowing the EU it will be anything but quick and simple.”

Published at Fri, 06 Aug 2021 13:40:00 +0000