Want to start a YouTube channel? Why the new Sony ZV-1 camera could be the ideal tool

Want to start a YouTube channel? Why the new Sony ZV-1 camera could be the ideal tool

If you want to become the next YouTube sensation, Sony may have just the thing to get your new career off to the perfect start. The Japanese technology firm has just announced the launch of its new ZV-1 camera, which has been designed and built specifically to help Vloggers produce perfect online videos.

Sony says huge numbers of budding YouTubers continue to shoot their amateur movies or vlogs using the front-facing camera on their smartphones, which often means the quality isn’t all that.

That’s why the company decided to create the all-new Sony ZV-1 which comes packed with features to help produce more engaging content that will look pin-sharp on your viewers’ 4K TVs at home.

First up, this camera has been designed to be incredibly simple to use. Most Vloggers work alone and don’t have a production team to help shoot their videos so making it easy to use is vital to its success.

The ZV-1 comes with simple and easy to find controls – plus there’s a screen which pops out and flips 180 degrees so you can see how your framing and lighting looks.

Another nice feature of this camera is that it always prioritises your face making sure your mug is constantly in focus and perfectly lit no matter what the conditions. And if you want to look beautiful for your audience, advanced colour science has been re-engineered to optimise skin tones. This tech helps create a smooth and natural complexion, while also maintaining sharp images of the mouth and eyes in both videos and stills.

To add even more style to your content the ZV-1 offers a simple solution to easily switch between two levels of background blur (bokeh) while recording.

Using the new Bokeh Switch function, you can rapidly adjust the optical aperture between more and less background defocusing blur without losing focus on your face.

Of course, most Vloggers like to talk a lot and Sony’s camera has made sure every word is heard thanks to some impressive mics.

The ZV-1’s onboard mic features Sony’s latest Directional 3-capsule Mic which was designed for forward-directional audio capture, allowing for clear capture of the subject’s voice while minimising background noise, especially when operating in selfie mode.

The ZV-1 is also supplied with a wind screen accessory to minimise wind interference. If you want to film product reviews, Sony has also including more intelligent autofocus. This means when you hold something in front of the lens it makes sure that becomes sharp before focusing back on your face when you remove the item from the shot.

Other nice extras include 4K recording, advanced image stabilisation and full connectivity making it simple to share content. Along with the camera, Sony is also releasing a bunch of accessories including a Shooting Grip to help improve the overall experience

The ZV-1 arrives next month and costs £700.

Published at Wed, 27 May 2020 10:27:00 +0000