Warzone Season 3 event time UK: When is new Call of Duty Warzone map coming out?

Warzone Season 3 event time UK: When is new Call of Duty Warzone map coming out?

Today’s Call of Duty Warzone event is promising something new to the players who have stuck by the Battle Royale shooter during its first year on consoles and PC.

The journey toward the game’s next big event has been rough at times, with a steady stream of bugs, exploits and meta problems hampering the game.

And while we have seen new maps arrive in the shape of Rebirth Island, something different is being planned for the start of Season 3.

This week will see the start of a new Warzone event which looks set to blow up Verdansk, and replace it with… a different version of Verdansk.

This is what has been teased by leakers over previous months, and it looks like those menacing nukes are scheduled to start flying around very soon.


Activision has confirmed that the Call of Duty Warzone event time has been set for 8pm BST on Wednesday, April 21.

This will be the start time for UK gamers, with the same event going live in North America at 12pm PST.

We don’t know exactly how Activision will start the event, but we expect a special playlist to be added to the game.

This will be called Operation Rapid Sunder and will likely drop you into Verdnask as part of a squad on a mission.

The undead which have been roaming around the map are expected to play a role and will likely cause some mischief.

Everything is likely to end with the destruction of Verdansk, although we don’t know how things will run.

Activision recently shared a list of times for gamers to keep track of, meaning that there could be a few different points in the event.

The first part will start at 8pm BST in the UK, but other playlists and special modes could be released over the next 24-hours.

Activision will have plenty of time to fill, as this week’s nuke event will be going live far in advance of the new map being launched.

A big part of Call of Duty Season 3 will be the release of the new Warzone map, which will include revamped Verdansk locations.

So gamers should know that while today’s Warzone event kicks off in the evening, Warzone’s Season 3 map isn’t expected to be playable until 5am BST on April 22.

This is when Warzone Season 3 is officially starting and will include the release of new weapons and a fresh Battle Pass.

There is bound to be some kind of trailer to introduce the new changes as well, with the new POIs expected to take centrestage.

Activision has told fans to keep an eye on its official social media feeds today, revealing: “The situation in Verdansk has hit a critical level. It seems the combat zone has become too dangerous for even a Tier 1 Operator to survive in.

“Is a conflagration imminent? The answer is still unknown, though it is recommended you clear your schedule for the week and ready yourself for a crescendo of utter chaos within the Warzone. Be certain you’re available for Operation Rapid Sunder throughout Wednesday, April 21 and beyond.

“Armistice Central Command will be communicating directly to all Operators with further instructions, starting at 12 PM Pacific Time on April 21. Return to the Call of Duty blog—and to Warzone—on this date to receive updates.

“The Season Three update will be available for Black Ops Cold War on April 20 at 9 PM PT and will be available for Warzone April 21 at 9 PM PT.

“For this update, there will be a download size of approximately 8.1 – 13.1 GB for Black Ops Cold War and 25.2 – 25.9 GB for owners of the free-to-play Warzone who have the latest updates on either game.”

Published at Wed, 21 Apr 2021 06:19:17 +0000