WATCH: ‘Intimidating’ easyJet cabin crew slammed by Apprentice star Luisa Zissman

WATCH: ‘Intimidating’ easyJet cabin crew slammed by Apprentice star Luisa Zissman

An easyJet flight attendant was captured on video by Apprentice star Luisa Zissman, 32, allegedly threatening to fine a family. Zissman posted the clip to her Instagram account where it rapidly went viral. The video shows a flight attendant telling a family with “limited English” off for their son’s behaviour even though he was making no noise, claimed Zissman. The boy had been standing on the plane seat without shoes while the seat belt sign was off, said Zissman, but the “jobsworth” cabin crew insisted he sat in his seat or stood on the floor.

The Apprentice star – a mother-of-three – also said that the flight attendant threatened the family with a £100 cleaning fee.

“Here is the @easyjet jobsworth woman. Such bad form,” she captioned the Instagram footage. “For the record, the seatbelt sign was NOT on, this family were not English & their English was limited,” posted Zissman on Instagram.

“It was totally out of order intimidating behaviour. The little boy was about two and standing on the seat facing backwards to see his family in the row behind. He wasn’t crying or making any noise or fuss, poor little mite & poor parents!

“Re all the comments about safety – she’s telling the child to stand on the floor in the footwell of the seat but not ON the seat, it’s nothing to do with sitting down or safety!

“If there was an air pocket or turbulence he would have still been hurt standing in the footwell. This is about throwing her weight around and being bossy!!

“Everyone knows how hard a flight is with a toddler let alone having some idiot harass you.

“The first thing she said which I sadly didn’t get on camera was “IF YOU CAN’T CONTROL YOUR CHILD AND STOP HIM STANDING ON THE SEAT I WILL FINE YOU £100 FOR CLEANING” the little boy didn’t even have shoes on!!

“If she said that to me I would have got £100 and stuck it in her big gob. Travelling with children is so stressful, all the b******s about safety was a load of c**p so she could attempt to justify her disgusting power trip. Give someone an orange uniform and BAM.”

A spokesman for easyJet told “It is clear from the video the crew member is concerned for the safety of the child so requested that they either stand on the floor or sit on the seat. We don’t charge customers for cleaning.

“We are sorry if the manner in which the crew member explained this caused offence.

“The safety of our passengers and crew is our highest priority.”

Instagram users were quick to share their thoughts on the video. “Is it about the safety of the child or cleaning!!?? No need to be that aggressive,” one person commented.

Some viewers even claimed they’d flown with the same flight attendant before.

“I flew with this stewardess on my flight, she was very scary and insisted we show her our phones and kindles were in flight mode otherwise we would be fined,” they posted.

Zissman replied to the post: “So many comments like this. She’s threatening to fine people left right and centre!!”

Another posted: “This woman was on our flight travelling to Portugal last month and she was vile to my son (aged two), made him cry twice by barking orders at him when he was doing nothing wrong. She was the cabin manager on our flight and her behaviour and attitude was vile.”

However, some Instagram users criticised Zissman for shaming the flight attendant in such a way.

“Why did you feel the need to shame this woman?” one person wrote. “Regardless of what you may think is good or bad customer service, everyone should have the right to do their job without fear of being filmed and criticised. I think this is very poor form from you.”

The video comes after an easyJet passenger uploaded a photo of a plane seat with no cushion. 

Published at Wed, 14 Aug 2019 21:21:00 +0000