Watch Jeremy Clarkson try to tow a 13,000-tonne ship with a Citroen C3 on The Grand Tour

Watch Jeremy Clarkson try to tow a 13,000-tonne ship with a Citroen C3 on The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson has over his time as a motoring journalist conducted hundreds of road test of new cars.

One of his latest road tests on the show is perhaps one of his oddest yet.

In a clip from the show, he says he devised a challenge on how to test the car’s towing prowess.

He said: “the challenge i’ve come up with is to see ion the one tonne C3 could pull the 13,000-tonne ship a distance of 25-metres.”

Before trying to move the ship with the little crossover he did say that colleagues Richard Hammond and James May ridiculed him for the ‘stupid’ idea.

The other two presenters making up the infamous trio suggested the 151Nm of torque produced by the Aircross was not sufficient enough to drag the ship.

As the testing begins this would seem correct too as the car snaps back and then begins to move backward.

The car begins to overheat and the wheels and clutch spin ferociously as he puts his foot down.

However, remarkably as the veteran car journalist persists the ship seemingly creeps forward until the distance of 25-metres is met.

The car will certainly need a new set of tyres and probably a new clutch as a result of the test but it is nonetheless impressive if not a little bit ridiculous.

Clarkson made an admission about the C3 road test saying Citroen were sceptical to lend him a car.

“I have not driven a car for a month,’ Clarkson wrote.

“So I am looking forward to watching the @thegrandtour this evening to remind myself what one is.”

He added: “The funny thing is: Citroen didn’t want to lend us a car for the @thegrandtour” this week.

“Bet they’re glad they did. I loved it.”

Published at Wed, 27 Mar 2019 10:21:00 +0000